If you love shooting photos or videos using your smartphone then you will love the this BlitzWolf BW-LS3 wide angle lens. This Lens can be easily fitted on top of the smartphone camera lens and you can also use it for front camera as well as rear camera.

The box pack is small, light weight and inside the box you will get a cleaning cloth, pouch to carry the lens, universal locust clip and 120 degree wide angle lens. The Lens comes with front and back lens caps.

Build and finishing is very good, the lens is a bit heavy, so in case if you are using your smartphone with a gimbal the extra weight might make the stabilizer a bit unstable. The BW-LS3 body is made of Aluminium magnesium alloy.

Blitzwolf BW LS3 review

BlitzWolf BW-LS3 Specifications

Type : 120 degrees wide angle lens
Material : Aluminium Magnesium Alloy
Coating Layer : Double Side 16 layers Coated

Blitzwolf BW LS3 review quality


The BlitzWolf BW-LS3 expands your perspective and captures more area in a single shot. There is hardly any distortion, minimal 4%. The Schott AG Glass gives picture accurate color reproduction, slightly enhancing the output. The anti reflective coating improves contrast by reducing stray light.

The clip that you use to attach the lens to smartphone camera comes with a soft rubber lining that protects the phone. As mentioned this lens clip can fit on front as well as on rear camera.

Blitzwolf BW LS3


For those who want to expand the view of your smartphone camera. There are many wide angle lens available in Market for a cheaper price, but their quality is not at par. If you are looking for a wide angle lens then the BlitzWolk BW-LS3 is a very good option for $17.99 (approx Rs. 1100).

Rating 4.9 out of 5

You can buy the BlitzWolf BW-LS3 from Banggood for $17.99 (approx Rs. 1,100) – choose free shipping there will be no custom duty on this product but it takes a lot of time for shipping.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in