There are many laptops available in the market at different price levels. If you have limited budget, no problem, today you can get a good laptop for under Rs. 20,000. Do note that these laptops are not that powerful but are good enough for office work and capable of performing most tasks. These under Rs. 20,000 laptops are also called Netbooks.

Low cost Laptops are good for users who are looking to use Microsoft Office, for checking emails, surfing the web, using facebook, twitter etc, watching movies, for entertainment and a little bit of gaming. Since these laptops are not very powerful, you can expect good battery life.

Here are the best Laptops you can buy in India for under Rs. 20,000

Asus EeeBook Celeron

This laptop is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core processor running Windows 10 (64 bit) with 2GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. It sports a 11.6 inch non-touch screen display. Key features are HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth. A 3 cell battery powers up this laptop. Asus EeeBook Celeron is priced at Rs. 18,999.

asus Eeebook celeron

Asus EeeBook Atom

The EeeBook is powered by Intel Atom Processor running 64 bit Windows 10 OS over 11.6 inch non-touch screen. There is 2GB RAM, 32GB EMMC, HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth. This laptop comes with built in battery that delivers up to 13 hours of usage time. Asus EeeBook Atom is priced at Rs. 14,990.

asus eeebook atom

Micromax Canvas Laptap II

This is a laptop with a touch screen display, you can use it like a tablet or attach the keyboard dock and convert it into a laptop. This device comes with built in WiFi and 3G. It is powered by 4th gen Intel Atom Processor running Windows 10 over a 11.6 inch screen (touch screen) with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The 9000 mAh battery on a full charge will give up to 8 hours of battery life. Micromax Canvas Laptap II is priced at Rs. 12,999.

micromax canvas laptap ii

Acer ES 11

This laptop comes with 11.6 inch non-touch screen running Windows 10 (64 bit) with 2GB RAM and 500GB HDD. ES 11 is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core 4th Gen processor. Other features are RJ45, HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth. Built in Battery gives up to 5.5 hours of backup. Acer ES 11 is available for Rs. 16,990.

acer es 11

Lenovo Ideapad 100

This laptop is packed with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD. It is running DOS OS over a 14 inch screen (non-touch). Ideapad 100 is powered by Pentium quad core processor. There is HDMI port, WiFi and Bluetooth. On a full charge you can expect up to 4 hours of usage time. Lenovo Ideapad 100 is priced at Rs. 19,990.

lenovo ideapad 100

Acer One 10 Atom

This laptop is powered by Intel Atom 5th Gen processor. It comes with 10.1 inch touch screen display, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. It is running 32 bit Windows 10 out of the box. The keyboard can be detached and the unit can be used like a tablet. There is built in WiFi and Bluetooth. Acer One 10 Atom will last for up to 6 hours on a full charge. Acer One 10 Atom is available for Rs. 13,990.

acer one 10 atom

Acer E15

This is a dual core 4th Gen Celeron laptop with 2GB RAM and 500GB HDD. This laptop however does not come with windows OS preinstalled, you get DOS OS. Screen (non-touch screen) is 15.6 inches. This one comes with HDMI port, WiFi, Bluetooth, CD/DVD writer and Ethernet. Built in battery gives up to 5.5 hours of usage time on a full charge. Acer E15 is available for Rs. 14,990.

acer e15 laptop

iBall Excelance

This is a Intel Atom powered laptop running Windows 10 32bit over 11.6 inch screen (non-touch). There is 2GB RAM and 32GB EMMC storage. Other features are HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth. You can expect about 7 hours of battery life. iBall Excelance is priced at Rs. 9,999.

iball excelance

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -