AuraVR is a durable VR headset that is made of flexible plastic (inspired by Google Cardboard) by a small start-up company in Chandigarh. This truly is a ‘made in India’ product designed and manufactured in India. This VR is priced at ₹650.

The AuraVR is made of flexible plastic (full body) and it can house up to 6 inch phone of whatever size. We have already seen the OnePlus Cardboard VR, this one will be more durable as it’s using plastic material, the matte body finish also makes this VR look more attractive and best of all it comes with an overhead elastic headband, so you really don’t need to hold the VR all the time like in the case of other Cardboard VR that comes without a headband.

The VR also includes a magnetic trigger that works with compatible smartphones. With this device you can view 3D content, play 3D games, watch 360 degree videos and more.

AuraVR Virtual Reality for ₹650

AuraVR virtual reality headset (made of plastic) is available in White and Black colour options on Amazon for ₹650.

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  1. Hi Mr.Gogi..I’m very craze about this VR cardboard..What are the requirements in mobile to make the VR work..?I’m planning to buy infocus m350..Does this mobile support cardboard app with its sensors???

  2. Gogi sir, when u r reviewing this. Also plz tell will it work with Windows phone. How can i watch 3d movies in windows from this…ppz review soon and ans me this question soon..!!

  3. Gogi, when you review it ? I think it is the best and durable and cheapest plastic VR gadget.

  4. I want to buy this.. but before that i ve to confirm that will it work on note 4???
    Plzzz help gogi sir.

  5. Will it support moto e? It does not have a g sensor and it has a 4.3 inch display.

  6. Don’t worry if u didn’t get one plus cardboard , I got it 5 days back, I have to say its not that great, quality not good, with my experience I will say if u want a good 3d or vr experience then go for the one which has aspeherical lens and plastic body and head strap, this one plus card board has spherical lens it is not giving good 3d experience

  7. Sir, What kind of experience will we get while watching movies from storage from the phone.

  8. What about the person who is having eyesight and wearing optics will it be useful for them gogi?

  9. Gogi Bro, Any news about Yu Yubix Bluetooth Speakers. Seen the review looks awesome and affordable.

    1. That means you didnt Seen Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker after seeing that you will feel cheated for that price

      1. Me too gogi I am also having same doubt, for the people who would be wearing glassess all the time will it b suitable for those wearing eyesight spectacles ? Reply soon.

        1. I don’t think it should be an issue cause you are watching the content close and the lens is magnifying it making it look at a distance in front of you. You can watch with prescription Glasses also.

  10. bro gogi my screen size r 4.7 n 5 inch. plz suggest that this vr is suitable for both if not then which one is suitable

  11. I dont like amazon they dont ship with cod to my location,will it be available in Flipkart and Snapdeal later.

    1. You are right lambha. Its a shitty shopping site. I wanted to buy yphoria but cod not available on my location. And I have already Lenovo a6000+. So I bought infocus m350 from snapdeal.

    2. Aap ko pehle payment karne mein dikkath hothi hy.. Par chaahthe hyn Seller Aap pe bharosa rakkhein.. Ye kya baath huyee.!???

      Frankly speaking, if I were the seller, I would prefer to have cash on hand, before I can even think of packing the product..

      On COD, I have to trust the Customer. As the Customers increase, so does the probability of the transaction failing.

      Personally, I had some of the safest & most satisfying online transactions, with AMAZON.

      1. @Gurunath Dhoke me mat Raho Amazon nor give before payment option nor COD sirf kheta hai Restriction charts follow karo or Wahi jaha Restriction laga rakhi hai kuch logo ko araam se 20K tak khareedne ki Chuttt deta hai wo bhi COD sarasar cheating hai!

      2. Bro most of people don’t have ATM card, Debit card, Internet banking, etc just like me. So what do you suppose to do in that ccondition.
        Amazon is far behind in service compare to other e-comerse site in indiaIndia.
        And one more thing to vy your product gone double hit when you launch on Flipkart (reach almost every part of country).

  12. Gogi how to play games when mobile is not in hand
    only motion sensor games are playable…???

      1. Thank you sir,

        Can you please send me video player link…. In mx player its not working…

  13. Gogi I want to know that I have downloaded cardboard app but it is not working so u can tell me that u know any other app so plz tell me.

      1. What do u mean by special video player. Please mention name and where can I download it. I have one plus one cardboard it works fine.

    1. I don’t know about clarity but looks good cause of plastic, and will be coming up with the review soon.

  14. If we keep this device very close to our eyes, I think it will affect our eyesight.

  15. Gogi brother can I use my Z Ultra in this … I can’t use in Oneplus Cardboard … Can you pls give some link of cardboard for Z Ultra ? ?

    1. Z ultra is with 6.4 inch screen, even the handset will be slightly bigger. Almost all VR will support phones with max 6 inch screen.