AuraVR is a durable VR headset that is made of flexible plastic (inspired by Google Cardboard) by a small start-up company in Chandigarh. This truly is a ‘made in India’ product designed and manufactured in India. This VR is priced at ₹650.

The AuraVR is made of flexible plastic (full body) and it can house up to 6 inch phone of whatever size. We have already seen the OnePlus Cardboard VR, this one will be more durable as it’s using plastic material, the matte body finish also makes this VR look more attractive and best of all it comes with an overhead elastic headband, so you really don’t need to hold the VR all the time like in the case of other Cardboard VR that comes without a headband.

The VR also includes a magnetic trigger that works with compatible smartphones. With this device you can view 3D content, play 3D games, watch 360 degree videos and more.

AuraVR Virtual Reality for ₹650

AuraVR virtual reality headset (made of plastic) is available in White and Black colour options on Amazon for ₹650.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -