Asus unveiled ‘VivoWatch’ at the Milan Design Week 2015. This is more of a fitness machine than a Smartwatch, it is IP67 certified (dust proof and water resistant – up to 1 meter) and as per the company the VivoWatch gives up to 10 days of battery backup on a full charge.

The VivoWatch has got an elegant design, it sports  a touch screen display and there is a button on the right side. It’s stainless steel body with strap made of rubber. There is light sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness levels for better view-ability in different lighting conditions.

This is not exactly a Smartwatch but more of a fitness watch – a fitness tracker. It will monitor your daily physical activities including your sleep / wake patterns. Users can use the Asus HiVivo app that will report steps taken, calories burned etc. This watch also comes with built in heart rate sensor.

Asus VivoWatch announced

By looking at the watch face you might have already guessed that this is a simple watch, slightly smarter and basically made to monitor physical activities. The key highlight is the 10 days battery backup. Asus ViviWatch will be available soon for EUR 149 (approx Rs. 9,700).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -