A big breakthrough has been introduced by thesleepcompany in the market by introducing the biggest commotion in sleep technology, a unique mattress that suits every human’s body type.

On verge of patenting this mattress smartly fastens down on hips and shoulders to give you a soft feeling, and simultaneously it gives firmness to backbone thereby helping one to avoid any backache related issues ensuring peaceful sleep.


Mattress is intelligently designed with 5 layers, each layer portraying benefit to body.

Top layer- Super Soft 550 GSM knitted fabric

Second layer- Super stretching smart Grid to relive pain points

Third layer – Soft Proprietary transition foam which enhances rebounce

Fourth layer- Premium high density foam for strong support

Fifth layer – Breathable and stretchy cover

Presenting pinnacle of sleep technology, the team behind have worked hard and presented various practical experimentation to prove the benefit. To depict that mattress is good for your back, they designed experiments with raw eggs, and the sleep company mattress curdles those delicate eggs whereas these eggs break with any other foam mattresses when weight is applied, this happens as the columns buckles down high pressure areas like hips and shoulders to avoid pain points. This property allows one to sleep comfortably without tossing and turning.

The sleep company

Mattress is excellently designed and prevents sweating;its open grid structure promotes air flow and removes body heat giving no chance to sweat.

Grid is smartly designed as anti-sag and ant sinking, it can be stretched to more than 1000 % and is highly resilient thereby never losing its shape.

One experiences zero disturbance while sleeping on mattress since the smart grid isolates motions and ensure there is no partner disturbance.

Price ranges from Rs 16,400 to Rs 35,400, price varies for different size in inches. Currently 10 % discount is provided, thesleepcompany has been benevolent enough to provide free delivery within India, anyone can easily avail it at www.thesleepcompany.in.

Most amazing part is warranty for 10 years and thesleepcompany has been very thoughtful and has announced 100 night trial offer, as per the offer one doesn’t have to bother much about the suitability of mattress, you can buy and try for 100 nights and still if you are dissatisfied your money will be refunded 100%.

Looking at the offers thesleepcompany has offered , they seems very genuine in their promises, in my opinion one should try this new technology and it might happen that you may farewell to your backache forever.