The Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus can now be pre-booked. It will be officially released on 17th October 2014. The iPhone 6 price is Rs. 53,500 (16GB), Rs. 62,500 (64GB) and Rs. 71,500 (128GB). The 6 Plus starts from Rs. 62,500 (16GB), Rs. 71,500 (64GB) and Rs. 80,500 (128GB).

The iPhone 6 weight with battery is 129 grams it is 6.9mm thick. iPhone 6 supports a single Nano GSM SIM and houses a 64 bit A8 processor with M8 motion co-processor. Handset runs iOS version 8 over a 4.7 inch IPS LED backlit screen with 1334 x 750 pixels resolution.

There is 8MP primary camera with flash and secondary camera of 1.2MP resolution. FHD video recording is supported. Other features are 4G (selected model), 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth. Battery backup – 14 hours talk time on 3G. The Apple iPhone 6 will be available in 16, 64 and 128GB versions.

The iPhone 6 Plus weight is 172 grams with battery and is pretty slim with a 7.1 mm thickness. This single SIM handset sports a 5.5 inch LED back-lit touch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. It runs iOS 8 out of the box.

Apple iPhone 6 abd 6 Plus coming soon - pre-order starts today

This handset is also using the A8 64 bit chipset coupled with M8 motion co-processor. There is 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera. Key features are the same as on the iPhone 6. The 6 Plus battery gives talk time of up to 24 hours on 3G networks. iPhone 6 Plus will be available in 16, 64 and 128GB versions.

Both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus come with finger print scanner.

These new iPhone can be pre-booked from Flipkart, Amazon and Infibeam.

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  1. iPhone 6 16 gb gold its awesome phone beats all the other phones like samsung and Htc. Some people says this battery only 1810 mh n how to work all day one time charge, but I am happy because my phone iphone battery is superb its one time charge 2-3 day work it. I love my iphone 6.

  2. Mr. Gogi,

    I am really very confuse which mobile should i buy, note 4 or iPhone 6 16 GB, as if now i am android user and using it from last 3 years.if you compare the price both are for same that why i am confuse, please help me to know which will be a best buy iPhone 6 ot note 4.

  3. Iphone 6 and specially iphone 6 plus already beaten all android phone in benchmark,it’s in 1st place now

  4. Specs r same as compared to nexus4 which was released in 2012
    We Android users are couple of years ahead frm apple users.


      1. It’s not optimization but cutting out any customizability options and features for the serious users like even a file system. On the other hand, most people don’t realize that Apple’s processors are much faster than any others. This processor is 64-bit and is much more powerful than any Android device has ever had. The software only runs smoothly because a lot of functionality is completely left out. Only the hardware keeps getting better. The software is from Babylonian times.

          1. That has only recently been released and anyway Android L(which is needed to support 64-bit hardware) itself has not been properly released. Because of the large number of changes made, I don’t think Android L will be a stable choice until at least the middle of 2015(in terms of playstore apps being upgraded to run well in the new environment etc) By then, Apple will have released something else, but again with the same crappy software limitations, whereas Android L will be even more powerful and customizable than it is now, a lot closer to a full operating system like desktop Windows but at the same time much lighter on resources, much better battery life etc. Plus, Google might also have taken steps(engineering as well as legal) to curb this Tamasha of muliple custom ROMs so that most devices will come with stock Android. So it will be great.

  5. Marvels of engineering, but pricey luxury items whose value will drop to half around this time next year. When the next edition of iPhone is announced, you’ll probably start to wonder how on earth Apple convinced you to splurge 50K+ on these pretty young things, because next year they won’t be pretty no more :). Like expensive wives, they won’t do anything extra really (all you ever do with these phones anyway is not much but snap a few photos no one cares about, or watch a few 720p videos) but of course your friends will get so wowed, and even though they still think that you haven’t really upgraded yourself from the status of being a dumb asshole, they probably will be nice to you. In the end, you must ask yourself, is Apple really worth that 50K+ or well, they just want that luxury yacht at your expense. 🙂

  6. When you pay 80500 for an iPhone, will it do anything that an Android One at 5999 can’t?

  7. Better buy Honda activa and buy android one and still u will save 3 or 4 thousand 🙂

  8. Hi Gogi,
    Specs are fine but, how about the flexible nature of this phone??!!!!
    Heard about couple of issues like bendgate, hairgate etc.
    What do you think after all these issues?? Think apple is also going to lose its brand value soon.

    1. Yes Nishad, yes there is a weak spot near the volume rockers. Anyway it is not a good option to keep big phones in your tight jeans pocket.

      1. Yes, I do agree Gogi Bro. But there is no other option for the Males right :). I have Note 2 and HTC 816 and have been living with them and I never had such an issue like this.

      2. It depends upon the material used, I’m using k900 which is 5.5 inch with longer bezels but still it’s so hard to even bulge it since its made up of stainless steel. They should’ve gone for steel instead of aluminum.

  9. Apple will face tough time with such pricing.manufacturing cost of iphone is less then 20k. Samsung’s profit is down by 60% in under 10k segment.