Jack was the first person to get the new Apple iPhone 6 and was also the first one to do the drop test, well accidentally. And all this happened on live television.

Jack, was the first person in line at the Apple store in Perth, Australia waiting for his new iPhone. Looking at the iPhone 6 craze and the crowd he might have been in the line (the first one) probably for many hours.

It is an exciting moment to be the first person to get the iPhone 6. And incidentally as soon as he came out of the store he was interviewed on live television. He opened the box and oops, the apple slipped out. Even Newton would not have been happy about this.

Well all this caught on live TV, and not sure if the phone survived, but it definitely might have got some scratches. Check the video.

iphone 6 dropped

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in