Apple has released the iOS 7.1 that comes with a new user interface, some visual changes and with 41 bug fixes. Apple iPhone and iPad users running the iOS 7 version can get their device upgraded over the air.

In general the iOS 7.1 fixes most of the issues faced on the initial version. The user interface has been modified for a better user experience, far better than on the older version. Users will not find much of an improvement when it comes to performance when running apps / playing games or checking the benchmark. But the app load time and mild delays have been considerably reduced.

There are some new features added that includes Siri improvement with push to talk mode (pressing the home button – you can now let Siri know when to stop listening), Calendar updated, Apple CarPlay included – shows the iPhone display on the car’s built in display, Radio updates (iTunes), biometric reader – fingerprint recognition improved, auto HDR mode enabled on iPhone 5s and parallax motion feature.

Apple iOS 7.1 version

The Apple iOS 7.1 is here with a lot of bug fixes, other improvements and some refinements to the iOS 7 user interface.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -