If you are looking for a professional mic or if you are looking for a replacement microphone for your headphone then the Antlion Audio ModMic 4 is a very good option. This microphone is available on Amazon for Rs. 4,899, read this Antlion Audio ModMic 4 review to know more.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 unboxing

This ModMic comes packed inside a nice good quality carrying case that will not only protect the mic but is also very useful when you are traveling. Inside the case you will get the ModMic 4, magnetic holder (base clasps), foam pop filter, user manual, extra 3M adhesive pad.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 Design

The ModMic 4 build quality is very good, it does comes with a foam on the mic that eliminates wind noise and also acts as a pop filter. This mic is flexible, durable and come with minimum basic body that helps it to easily adapt to the new host – for example connecting this microphone to your headphone.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 box pack

The process is simple just use the base clasps (magnetic holder), attach it at the designed place on your headphone and then when you want to use the mic, just bring the mic near the base clasps and it will easily attach. The mic will not fall off that easily, but if need be you can easily remove it.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 carry case

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 Specifications

This is a uni-directional mic best for VoIP, voice over and gaming,  it also comes with superior noise cancelling technology (cardioid capsule).

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 review

Type : Condenser Mic
Response : 100Hz-10kHz
Sensitivity :  -38 ± 3 dB
SNR : 50+ dB
Current (Max) : 2.0V
SPL (Max) : 110dB
Impedance: 2.2 K-ohms

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 quality

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 Performance

You can use this microphone on your laptop, desktop, video camera and even smartphones. I tried it with my video camera and sound recording was pretty impressive – do check the sample recording in the video review.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4

The mic also comes with a mute button.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 mute button

Using with Smartphone

This mic will easily work with Apple iPhones however if you want to use it with an  Android smartphone it may or may not work. I tried it on many smartphones that I had and it did not work. If you want to use the Antlion Audio ModMic 4 on a android smartphone you will need a Audio Y adapter that you will need to plug into the smartphone audio jack and then use the ModMic plugged into the microphone jack.

Using with Desktop / Laptop

If you want to use the Antlion Audio ModMic 4 with your desktop or laptop again it may or may not work. And if it does work and does record audio check if it is also recording buzz / hum noise. This noise generally is caused by your Desktop / Laptop. To fix that you will need to invest into another accessory – external USB stereo adapter (check video review).

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 available in India


The Antlion Audio ModMic 4 is a very replacement for your already damaged mic on your headphone, this is also a very good option for VoIP, gaming users and for voice over recording for your videos. This however comes for a price of Rs. 4,899 and if you face issues on your PC / Smartphones then you might need to invest in some extra accessories.

Rating 4.2 out of 5

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 is available on Amazon for Rs. 4,899.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in