Blu Mobiles founded in 2009 is one of the fastest growing phone manufacturers in the World. If AndroidGuruz is to be believed we will soon see the Blu mobiles in the Indian markets.

The Micromax Canvas 4 is indeed the Blu Life One and probably Micromax and Wiko are re-branding it. When the canvas 4 was announced many users pointed out that it was the Blu Life One handset but the image that was floating around was a little different than what MMX had shown in their video.  Here is the image. If you compare it with MMX Canvas 4 the cuts (near the button) are on the opposite site.

However I have a Blu presentation file (PPT) and I can confirm the Blu Life is the Canvas 4. The picture is exactly identical to the canvas 4 with identical cuts, except for an extra button below the power button. The wiko heaven stairway is still the best match. I guess the life one image that many users were pointing to when canvas 4 was announced was probably a different model, or Blu made some design changes, or customized it as per the orders.

Well the good news (if it is true) is that Blu Mobiles may soon be available in India via AndroidGuruz.  As per the latest info you may soon be able to experience / buy UMI and other handsets from AndroidGuruz is also working with Salora who will handle the after sales / service issues in India.  Blu life one will be priced at Rs. 16000 & Blu life play at Rs. 14,000.

Blu life one quad core handset

Blu life one

Blu life one specs

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -