AndroidGuruz to sell Blu Mobiles in India

Blu Mobiles founded in 2009 is one of the fastest growing phone manufacturers in the World. If AndroidGuruz is to be believed we will soon see the Blu mobiles in the Indian markets.

The Micromax Canvas 4 is indeed the Blu Life One and probably Micromax and Wiko are re-branding it. When the canvas 4 was announced many users pointed out that it was the Blu Life One handset but the image that was floating around was a little different than what MMX had shown in their video. Β Here is the image. If you compare it with MMX Canvas 4 the cuts (near the button) are on the opposite site.

However I have a Blu presentation file (PPT) and I can confirm the Blu Life is the Canvas 4. The picture is exactly identical to the canvas 4 with identical cuts, except for an extra button below the power button. TheΒ wiko heaven stairway is still the best match. I guess the life one image that many users were pointing to when canvas 4 was announced was probably a different model, or Blu made some design changes, or customized it as per the orders.

Well the good news (if it is true) is that Blu Mobiles may soon be available in India via AndroidGuruz.Β  As per the latest info you may soon be able to experience / buy UMI and other handsets from AndroidGuruz is also working with Salora who will handle the after sales / service issues in India.Β  Blu life one will be priced at Rs. 16000 & Blu life play at Rs. 14,000.

Blu life one quad core handset

Blu life one

Blu life one specs

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  1. atul mali says

    guys any one know any blu dealer in india…. i got one in chennai but he left blu now… PLZ If any have any contact detail plz provide…. thanks in advance

  2. ankit says

    Gogi sir,dont u think its too overprice.They dont have a single service center and no brand value.

    • Gogi Rana says

      Ankit yes agree. AndroidGuruz they are not re-branding the phones, they are selling the same Brand as is. It is good to know about these handsets but don’t buy until they have good setup (at-least no now).

  3. Ash says

    i got a blu vovo 4.3 from ebay some time back in Oct’2012, its a good phone …same as MMX A90S. only drawback was the very slow google map / location lockdown . at $300 , there was no need for a cover or protection etc.

    had used gogi’s recommendation of using gps tracker app as a workaround untill i ran out of patience.

    end of the day it was same as mmx a90s , except for the tantalizing delay mmx had put in launching A90S.

    My take, BLU has its own buggy bloatware which ruins android exp just like mmx.

    • Ash says

      correction , it was Oct’2012 :) ..i remember this website was humming with A90S launch delays :)

  4. whatsinaname says

    Blu is hardly a ‘manufacturer.’ It does the same as Micromax, i.e. buy OEM phones from China and slap their logo on them. How do I know? Look at what the company says on its own Linkedin page:

    See? Only warehouse, no factory or R&D facilities. So more fool you if you buy Blu over MMX thinking, oh, it’s an AMERICAN brand!!

    • geekboy says

      Blu is good brand in USA, and the US customer do not buy directly the handsets, they are bundled with Air time and contract, as of now Blu is very famous USA brand, they have manufacturing facilities worldwide and have been acquired by CT Miami which is world`s largest handset distributor ~!!!

  5. nagarjuna says

    Yawning after reading any news about androizguru.. good as newspaper but not good as mobile store

  6. Kirti says

    Gogiji is xolo q1000 a good buy? I want to buy a phone tomorrow, don’t want to wait for t1000 bcause heard that it is thick and bulky. My main use will be songs and videos, gaming occassionally.

  7. hunter says

    Andrioidguruz…..should we believe in them? I havent seen their store yet in nehru place. after searching for 2 hours….all fak….faku company..huh!

    • Pinakin Singh says

      201 A, Devika Tower, Nehru Place, Adjacent of Modi Towers, New Delhi 110019, over 150+ walk ins everyday buddy…get you facts right :)

      • jovi says

        Boss even i went to devika tower…where is the office in devika tower? No elctronic shop there ..just an office. Some body wrote android guruz in ground floor in devika tower but couldnt find one. Let me know which floor?

  8. chander says

    Dear Gogi Sir,

    Please tell me the smartphone with all excellent features & Can play all HD games.
    I have to buy a smartphone today.

  9. shantanu says

    Looking at their reputation till now….I think they will sell rendered images and at most review videos of Blu ….!

    • Eric Wong says

      Blu coming to india is great, we are expecting China division of AndroidGuruz to open retail store in Huaqangbei this month.

      • Dabster says

        They aren’t able to put up there selling model in India. Wondering how would they be doing in China. I assume that is some Rumour.

  10. vipan-kumar says

    gogi sir which mobile is better for games or which chip …
    my all day i waste my time to play game i want to play game
    like nova and many more good games pls tell me sir i want to buy a good mobile for gaming

  11. luke says

    well i love blu………………gogi sir the spice stellar jazz is a rebranded blu dash music!………………?

  12. geekboy says

    Gogi, i have a Umi X2 and its performance is better and AndroidGuruz is bringing all chinese brands as well as US based BLU.

    Hats off to the initiative, however after sales , they need some more time

  13. adifrank says

    But that’s the thing,no body believes them now after so many false promises and no delivery.

    • geekboy says

      To my knowledge, many customers have already received handsets from AndroidGuruz, there are too many negative & paid bloggers online these days :)

      • sundeep says can see how many have received and how many are crying.. no offence..and negative and paid bloggers??? a big LMAO to that..

  14. geekboy says

    Wow !!! Great move by AndroidGuruz !!

    Gogi they have signed up with Salora for support pan india and they will offer warranty & quality support !! Lets hope all things go well for them :)