Amazon has launched Echo smart speakers there are 3 models available for now here is the review of Amazon Echo Dot. This is a hands free voice controlled device that makes use of Alexa voice services, check this review and watch the video.

Everything around us is getting smart, be it smart bands, smart watches, smart shoes, smart TV’s, smart homes and now here is smart speakers. The Amazon Echo Dot as mentioned is using Alexa voice service and all you need to do is ask her.

This is voice controlled speaker, there are 4 buttons on the speaker but those are for hardware control (volume, off/on, mic off/on) to play music or for specific info you need to use the magic word Alexa and then ask your question.

Amazon Echo Dot review

The Amazon Echo Dot is using 7 microphones with beam forming and noise cancellation technology that helps this device to hear sound from any direction, from far off distance and in noisy environments even when a music is being played.

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

Amazon Echo Dot Specifications

Model : Echo Dot
Type : Add to any room
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth  : Yes, dual band Wi-Fi (2.4  / 5 GHz), BT A2DP
Connect to ext speakers : Yes
Smart Home Compatibility : Yes
Speaker Size : 0.6″ Tweeter
Dimensions : 32 x 84 x 84 mm
Weight : 163 grams

Amazon Echo Dot features


The device is circular shaped with very good build and finishing, body is made of plastic. There are 4 buttons – volume +, Volume -, Mic on/off and Action button. Apart from this there is a micro USB port to power up this speaker and a audio jack that you can use to connect external speaker.

The installation process is simple, Alexa will guide you. First of all you need to download and install the Amazon Alexa app, then go to setup and select the speaker model in this case it is the Echo Dot. After that follow the procedure.

Amazon Echo Dot features

If there is any firmware update it will be automatically downloaded and installed and the speaker will restart. Now this Amazon Echo Dot is built in the cloud, hence you need a net connect for this smart speaker to work. Apart from this the Echo Dot also needs constant power support.

Echo Dot is made to be used in a room, for dedicated use, but in case you are planning to make the Alexa Echo Dot portable you can, all you need is a working net connection and a power bank to power the speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot Buttons


The sound output is good, pretty loud and good enough for a 500 Sq ft room. Voice recognition is impressive and you can activate it from a far off distance, you don’t even have to look at the speaker, it can detect voice from any direction.

Amazon Echo Dot ports

What can Alexa do?

You can ask her to set a alarm, remainder, time, weather, ask questions, general questions, cricket scores, play music, play light music, play specific music, ask for movies playing this weekend, tell a joke, you can even book ola ride, book flights, ask to switch off lights when using using smart home, shopping, order food, latest news and more.

Alexa makes use of Amazon Prime Music, Saavan and Tunein to play music, in case the files are not present on these services it will not be able to play them. Apart from these services like Zomato, TOI, SyskaLED, NDTV, OLA, TED, Espn Cricinfo, Goibibo, freshmenu etc are also used.


This is a unique product, a voice controlled smart speaker and its awesome. Though I was not able to play some bollywood songs as those were not available on the music services that Alexa is using, but in general Alexa is your personal assistant, and is quite responsive. For now only English language is supported, watch the video for demo, video is in Hindi but the demo / commands are in English.

A very good option for the price. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 4,999 but for limited period you can get it for Rs. 3,149. This is invitation based you will need to request for an invitation to buy one.

Rating 4.5 out of 5


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -