Ziox Mobiles has rolled out two new feature phones in the Indian markets – the Ziox Z214i and the Ziox Z313 for Rs. 1,343 and Rs. 1,443 respectively. When the market is flooded with smartphones there are still demand for feature phones.

Ziox Z214i / Z314 features and specifications

Both these handsets sport a 2.4 inch (non-touch) colour screen display and come with dual SIM slots. Ziox Z214i and Z314 supports micro SD card of up to 16GB. This is a basic simple feature phone for making / receiving calls and for SMS messaging.

The internal storage space is not mentioned but it is slightly more on the Z314 handset. The Z214i can save up to 500 contacts and 300 SMS’s whereas the Z314 can save 1000 contacts and about 500 SMS’s. Both these handsets also come with a camera on the back.

Ziox Z214i and Z314 feature phones

When it comes to battery the Z214i is packed with 1400 mAh removable battery and the Z314 comes with a 1700 mAh removable battery.


Ziox Z314 is priced at Rs. 1443 available in Gold, Black and Grey colour option. Ziox Z214i is priced at Rs. 1,343 available in Gold-black, white-gold and black-gold colour options. These handsets will be available in local (offline) stores.

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  1. Yes me too need to buy good feature phone foy my mom. some time back I bought intex S7 for my Papa (for wireless FM).
    any recommendations for good phones for parents? price no bar.


  2. There is no use until they don’t mention most of the specifications, at least basic. For ex. my parents requirement is with lot of speed dials. But these things are not mentioned anywhere. Even the store people don’t know these things. Hope someone understands this

  3. Feature phones provide good talktime, smaller space requirement, handy etc. Considering to keep one along with smartphone.
    Any recommendation ? preferably with good camera.