YU will soon launch a black variant of YU Yureka. The company will unveil this handset on 1st June 2017. Not sure yet if the specification will be same or different but one thing is for sure Black is the new trend and the new Yureka will be in Black.

YU has confirmed the launch date and the Black Yureka, they however have not shared the specifications or given even a slightest hint. There were rumors about YU shutting down and then the company tweeted about the next YU launch.

And here it is, YU will launch the YU Yureka Black on 1st June 2017. It has almost been 10 months, YU were silent and now they are back, in black.

What do you think will their new device compete with the Redmi’s?

YU Yureka Black coming soon

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  1. The biggest disappointment with YU is the after sales service, I have brought five YU devices and has to wait for around two months to get the phone serviced when there was issue. This happened twice!

  2. yu is the only brand which has ability to challenge mi , yureka , yuphria , yunqe was huge hit and yureka was the most searched phone on google 14-15

    1. Yeah bro but they have to get their specs and pricing right to make sure they win the race with redmi phones

  3. Kachra mobile ? ayega pakka aur phir baad me uske update ke baare me bhool jaana

  4. Red mi note 4 is same as note 3 just increased memory and miui 8. And increased rate13000… People purchasing blindly… Same specifications unicorn at 9400…

    1. nope chipset is different..rn4 will be a better choice..
      but yunicorn is not so bad.. they have given marshmellow update and volte update..

      1. Decrease price of Yunicorn to 7999 or below. Then you see how yunicorn goes out of stock soon. YU did this thing last year decreased prices of Yureka plus to 5499 Yuphoria to 4499 and they were out of stock in few hours.

  5. looks like it will be a new phone with updated specifications….but as usual it will be a rebranded one.

  6. I just can’t understand why they changed their name every year. Why they just not focus on smartphone

  7. Missing you for a kind period of time.. And also missing Helio x20 in India in affordable price becos of Xiaomi patent issue.. If you comes with Helio x 20 processor and with good multimedia hardware like excellent speaker DAC goog screen like Lenovo K5 note It’s a good combination…

  8. Thrilling news.. ?Yureka too after #Nokia3310 So excited to hear about the ?#YurekaBlack..
    I’m still using YU yureka which was my first online purchase, I remember watching interview of YU’s CEO of how they wanted to revolutionize tech market and make possible for all the geeks to have quality premium handset in a affordable price, brings back so many good memories.. #Nostalgia
    If they launch it w/ a great balance of h/w & s/w (latest CyanogenMod?) for around 9-15k w/ all the accessories in the box then I think it can b the best VFM smartphone and will blow everyone away like the MoondustYuReKa.
    I just hope that they make it available in a huge stocks this time enough for everyone unlike others so won’t have to wait 2mths to get it #PlayGOD? Yu+Mi= not gonna happen???

      1. WTF.. Are you saying that yureka was disappointing..?
        FYI, Yureka was the only phone to stay at no. 1 ever throughout an year on gogi’s best phones list and many other tech sites (2015).

  9. phone looks slightly different in this pic..look at camera module…hope so it will rock on stage

  10. When yu yureka plus was launched it was never in stock, yu alone sold more devices than xiaomi that year.

    1. Yes its true YU sold more devices than Mi in 2015-2016. Main cause was Yureka Yuphoria and Yureka plus best Value for Money smartphone available at that time.