YU Yureka will be Back in Black, unveiling on 1st June

YU will soon launch a black variant of YU Yureka. The company will unveil this handset on 1st June 2017. Not sure yet if the specification will be same or different but one thing is for sure Black is the new trend and the new Yureka will be in Black.

YU has confirmed the launch date and the Black Yureka, they however have not shared the specifications or given even a slightest hint. There were rumors about YU shutting down and then the company tweeted about the next YU launch.

And here it is, YU will launch the YU Yureka Black on 1st June 2017. It has almost been 10 months, YU were silent and now they are back, in black.

What do you think will their new device compete with the Redmi’s?

YU Yureka Black coming soon



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