Yu Yureka Golden Ticket for selected customers

The Yureka will go on sale tomorrow .i.e 19th February, however Amazon has sent Golden Ticket for selected customers. With this Golden Ticket, selected customers will be able to buy the handset today between 2PM to 5PM.

If you have got a Golden Ticket (check mail from Amazon) you can purchase the Yu Yureka today itself. There is no need to rush the purchase window will open between 2 to 5 PM so make sure you complete the transaction then. As mentioned this is not a flash sale – a device will be reserved for yourself.

Amazon have sent an email with the golden ticket for users who were highly interested but were unable to buy the handset. Most likely for users who had registered for every sale and were active during the flash sale period.

If you have the Golden Ticket,  login to Amazon.in between 2 to 5 (PM) and visit the URL http://www.amazon.in/goldenticket a YU Yureka will be added to your cart.

Yu Yureka Golden Ticket

Tip: Abhishek.


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