YU had rolled out the CM 12.1 update for YU Yuphoria handset. The roll-out has already begun and Yuphoria users will get it in phased manner over a period of two weeks. The Cyanogen OS 12.1 is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

Users will find some new features like smart screen that will automatically adjust the display based on environment conditions. Launcher has been redesigned. Calendar and Emails are merged, users can easily share availability / schedule appointments from email app. More media (audio / video) codecs supports have been added and fresh audio FX UI has been updated.

Apart from this the Yuphoria handset overall performance should improve, there should be less heat up (amazing thermal control) and users can expect improved battery performance.

Those still waiting and have not received the update notification, don’t worry you will get it within few days / weeks.

YU Yuphoria CM 12.1 update rolled out

Before updating make sure to keep the battery percent at over 75%.

If you have the Yu Yuphoria handset and have already updated do leave your feedback.

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  1. Is otg working after the update?
    If not, is there any way we can enable otg in yuphoria?Has anyone done it?
    I am hesitating to buy it only because of lack of otg

  2. John Is it necessary to wipe the cache partition after update?? If so how to do that. Please help me out in this.

  3. Such a crap phone-Yuphoria, I can’t even attend the calls, always screen goes blank where I can’t even end/attend the calls where I will have to reboot again and again to make calls and always my friends and family member are complaining that they can’t hear properly voice breaks up frequently and me the dailer/receiver also couldn’t always hear properly where I could distortion sound,I think earpiece is a defective one.Also at the back side around middle portion of my Yuphoria vibrates frequently during calling and the left side of my Yuphoria earphones are producing low sound wen compared to left side. I visited their crap Micromax service center in my Hosur town three weeks ago,there the two girls in a grunted voice said that we currently don’t service Yu devices for Hardware related issues all we could do is solve software related issues for YU devices and we don’t know wen we will start hardware related service for YU devices,so with no other option I asked them to flash the software on my Yuphoria they did it in 45 mins but the same above mentioned issues still exists which clearly shows that my Yuphoria has many hardware related problems. I now regret my decision for purchasing “Yuphoria a Micromax product”.

      1. @Amole: I have only one phone Yuphoria, why? My first ever Android phone is Asus zf2 ZE551ML(15k variant during launch) but I returned it because it gave me head pain and eye pain(may be because of shinning design at the bottom of the zf2 or may be my health issue) so I some how fought with Flopkart and got refund.

        Thinking to buy Infocus M810 with SD 801(wen Snapdeal retails it for 10k+5 to 10% cash back offer during Christmas, New year or Pongal during Jan 15th) for strictly using Reliance CDMA/Evdo REV A/B services because Rcdma provides gud coverage in my T.N with cost effective plans both for calls and data and yrs I do agree that Infocus M810 doesn’t have heating issues but I can put a gud case on it and escape from heating like the same way I did with my Yuphoria. Even I am tempted to buy Gionee Marathon M5 which has Dual sim Dual 4G with CDMA Evdo REV A/B support but price is too high and the processor used in M5 is an entry level one like SD 410 in my Yuphoria.And last but not the least I sold my Unlocked HUAWEI EC315 MTS WI-FI DONGLE for Rs 2k to my friend in order to buy Infocus M810!

        1. I have Yureka and I have promised myself I will never buy MMX or Yu devices. My wife is using Infocus M350 which is by far the best phone for the price of 7K, way better than Yuphoria in all departments except design.

          1. Gud decision,I am too going to buy only an Infocus product i.e M810 for my personal use and CDMA purposes.Gonna submit the crappy Yuphoria to their so called Micromax service center as soon as they start doing Hardware related service for YU devices in my Hosur town!

      1. @Shrikant:You have done a good job, I too should have returned it. At first I bought Yuphoria for Rs 7k without no offers it some what working gud but with some minor issues then wen I saw the Amazon’s Great Indian Freedom Sale HDFC 15% OFF on App T.V(During August 2015) Ad I changed my mind and returned the Yuphoria which I bought at first. Then again ordered Yuphoria for 6k 2nd time using HDFC cash back 15%off on app ,this time I got an defective device which I didn’t notice at first and then big problems did occur I thought of returning it and buy Redmi prime 2 which launched at that August time but I thought u already bought Yuphoria case and Tempered glass for a total of 500Rs which will get wasted if I go on and buy Redmi prime 2(if I buy Redmi prime 2 then I should again buy Tempered glass and case for a total of 500Rs again which will result in a loss for me) and also if third time I order the Yuphoria then I should shell out 1k extra so I thought.

        I thought factory reset will solve the issues or YU service will help me and so kept the Yuphoria with me with out returning it,but all my calculations went wrong which paved me way for a huge disaster by keeping the defective Yuphoria with me but I will have to say for Browsing I like Yuphoria very much and no issues during browsing whereas only during Calls big issues occurs like exactly what I have mentioned in my above statement!

    1. Hi Akki, I’ve downloaded the OTA link in my desktop, what next? I mean how it’s work? pls reply asap

  4. Yu5010a users needs to visit the authorised service centre and first needs to update to cyanogen 12 from lollipop.

  5. Is there improvement in camera?.. this was mentioned by Rahul Sharma YU in past communication…

  6. Audio sound increased slightly(enable audio fx)
    Fast charging improved slightly(charging time reduced by 10 minutes)

  7. Awesome update!!Nearly all issues fixed
    1)adaptive brightness works
    2) live display(color calibration)-warm tint issue fixed
    3)battery life improved
    4)video framedrop problem (at night) reduced and new feature -high speed video.
    5)heating reduced slightly
    6)better launcher transparent a buttery smooth ui
    7)double tap to wake up works.
    8)we now have 2g only ,3g only and4g only option-better connectivity
    9)better theme

  8. Dear sir
    Rooted xiaomi redmi2 prime ko android 5.0 ya 5.1.1 ya aur kisi version se update kar sakte h…..
    agar ha to kaise….??