Yu Fit is another affordable fitness band that is available for the price tag of ₹999. This band is competing with Xiaomi Mi Band that is also priced the same at ₹999. Though YU Fit comes with OLED display and packed with many useful features it does not match up with the Xiaomi Mi Band.

YU Fit Unboxing
Inside you will find the rubber band, core (YU Fit device), charging dock, warranty card and user manual.

The YU Fit wrist band is made of rubber, good quality and is softer than as seen on the Mi band. The band comes with metal stud to secure it as per your wrist size. The core or the main device looks good and got a good build quality. It is OLED display and there is a smart button to switch on the display / change modes.

This fitness band is light weight at about 18 grams, water resistant and very comfortable to wear. By default when you tap the touch sensitive smart button it will show the time in 24 hours format. There is no option the change time to 12 hours format. You can use another app to change it (search Body Sensor on google play, install it, pair with YU fit and then uninstall the body sensor app, you will get 12 hours time format).

YU Fit review

The display will switch off after sometime and the only way to wake it up, is to tap the smart button. You can check the time, view the steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and call / SMS notifications.

The YU Fit band is always on, so in case you do not get any thing on the display when you tap the smart button, attach it to the USB charging dock and connect it to the power source.

YU Fit charging dock

On the box pack itself you will find two QR codes. Scan it using the QR scanner (download from Google play) or punch in the URL as mentioned on the box. There are two apps – YU Fit and Healthifyme.

For the first time you will need to tap and hold the smart button to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode then start the YU Fit app and follow the steps.

When using Healthifyme app for the first time you will need to enter you date of birth, weight, height etc.

YU Fit screen OLED display

The core comes with built in battery (mAh not disclosed) and makes use of Bluetooth 4.0. This band will work on android smartphones running android version 4.3 and above.

There is built in pedometer that monitors your steps / movements.

There is no built in speaker but the band will vibrate when there is any notification.

The OLED display does help, you can check the time, steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. When you get an SMS or a call the band will vibrate for few seconds and at the same time will also show the call icon or SMS icon on the YU fit display as applicable. The phone number / caller name / SMS messages etc are not display. But if you pair the device with Body Sensor app it does show the phone number.

For the first time you will need to manually sync the band with the phone – start Healthifyme app, tap the 3rd tab to enter the account setting option, there you will find the Yu Fit link tap it and then tap the SYNC icon. The next time the app will automatically sync when you enter the YU Fit section.

This band can monitor your steps, your sleep and your calories intake. There is option to enter the food intake, there is huge database of Indian food with their respective calories – this makes it easier to input. You can also update the database when a new update is available. Voice input is supported and there is camera mode too (I guess just click the food image and it will automatically detect the food + calories), however the camera mode will required paid subscription.

Once you enter your weight you can setup your goal (weight loss) and setup the months you will want to achieve that goal.

There are many useful options in the Healthifyme app, however most of them fall into the paid subscription category.

There are other features like remote camera capture, alarm, task alert, move alert, SOS, out of range etc. And in Healthifyme app there is diet and workout plan (paid), diary (paid) and personalized coaches (paid).

I have tested the band, it does accurately monitor steps and sleep. I used both the bands – YU fit and Xiaomi Mi Band, while walking the step count were almost identical however when in active mode (not walking), there was a good difference, Mi band count was higher.

One more thing the YU Fit screen is not at all visible under direct sunlight.

The step taken and sleep report is not so user friendly on the YU Fit app when compared with Mi fit app.

It took about 2 hours to fully charge the device. I have been using the band from the day I started the review, it has been 2 days and battery is now at 80% from 100%. I guess with this rate the YU Fit might last for less than 2 weeks.

The OLED screen does have an advantage, you can at least check the time, but this does have an impact on the battery performance – battery backup is good, you can expect about a week or two, but nowhere when compared with the backup that you get on the Mi band fitness device.

There are many useful features on the YU Fit band, however almost all of it falls in the paid subscription category. In general if you are using the free feature there is not much of a difference between the YU fit and the Mi Band (feature wise).

Mi Band is better because it is original, easy to setup and a very user friendly interface.  Battery backup is also awesome on the Mi band device. The only disadvantage is that the Mi Band does not have any display.

Now YU Fit does not look original you will find such devices on Chinese stores, nevertheless still a good band for ₹999 it could have done well had Xiaomi not launched the Mi Band in India.

Healthifyme is really good, they should have brought the smart pedometer, diet and workout plan in the free category.

YU Fit can be purchased from Amazon.in for ₹999.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in