If you were looking to buy the YU Fit fitness device, the first flash sale will commence within few minutes at 12PM today on Amazon. YU Fit is a wearable fitness device priced at ₹999. You should have registered for this flash sale. There was some technical glitch and the sale did not happen, check comments to get an idea as it happened.

Yu Fit no doubt will go out of stock within seconds, it is a good alternative to the Mi Band, almost similar but what makes Yu Fit better, is the OLED display. This is a fitness band that will monitor your fitness activities – steps taken, calories burned, food intake and can also monitor your sleep.

Apart from that the band will also give you incoming call, SMS notifications. The OLED display comes with a Smart Key that can be used to switch between modes. You can choose from current time, Step counter, calories burned etc..

YU Fit flash sale today at 12PM

So go ahead and try to grab one (only for registered users). The Yu Fit will be on Amazon soon for ₹999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in