Every fitness device will give you different output (step count), in fact even the same device will give different results every time. It makes no sense comparing two devices for accuracy based on the number of steps it detects.

No fitness device is 100% accurate, so better not look for accuracy, instead use the band for few days for normal usage you will get an idea about the average step count, now use it for few more days and see if the count is somewhat consistent, if yes the device is accurate. Just use the average step count range as the reference point.

Now regarding Yu Fit, the band is good and is giving consistent results; however the YU fit app is unstable and at times it will never sync or might skip the step that was indeed recorded by the band. If the band reading on the OLED display is different from what is shown in the YU fit app then you know there is some issue with the app, but anyway YU fit app is buggy.

Yu fit with body sensor

Those who are using the YU Fit band, try this – remove the YU fit app/ HealthifyMe and install the Body sensor app. Body Sensor apps is more stable and also gives you option to change the stride. Stride is distance between a single step, this will make the band count more accurate.

The YU fit comes with OLED display and you can view the data without looking at the app. Bluetooth disconnects / reconnects when out / in range and also happens when it is syncing with the app – happened with Yu Fit and Body sensor app, so that is normal. When you open body sensor app it will auto sync with the YU Fit band. When you close the app by tapping the running app button and dragging the body sensor app to right or left to close it, you will find the Bluetooth disconnect lighting up on the band, but after few seconds it will connect again.

I have been checking both the Yu Fit and Mi Band for few days and I found that the YU Fit (with YU fit app) was recording higher number of steps when compared with Mi-Band and YU Fit (with Body sensor) was recoding fewer numbers of steps. The difference however between YU Fit and Mi band was consistent.

When you are walking and using your phone talking to someone i.e. your hand is not oscillating, in such a situation the step count difference is higher between YU Fit and Mi Band, Mi Band is able to record more number of steps.

I have already mentioned in my previous Yu Fit review, it is better to go for the Mi-Band but in case if you have already bought the YU Fit and using it, try switching to Body Sensor app and use it for few days. Leave your feedback below in the comments section.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in