Xolo mobiles may soon come up with the Xolo Q2000, the Xolo Q600 and the Xolo T1000 handsets. All of these details are based on rumors and official confirmation is still awaited.

The Xolo Q2000 was leaked again by AndroidNova.org. The Q2000 will sport a 5.5. inch IPS screen with HD resolution running jelly Bean 4.2 OS with 1GB RAM. Internal storage will be 8GB. A 1.2GHz quad core probably MediaTek will run the show. It will be a dual SIM handset with 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.

The Q600 on the other handset got listed on the Nenamark Benchmark site. The Q600 got a score of 47 fps (nenamark2). The handset again is powered by 1.2GHz quad core processor with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. The screen size is not known but the resolution is 854×480 pixels. Going by the number ‘600’ it could be a low end device probably with a smaller screen and cheaper than the other Xolo quad core handsets.

We still need a confirmation on all these. But it seems Xolo is playing around with the same hardware (except T1000) with different model number / altering the screen / memory / storage. It will be interesting to see what these handsets are price at.

xolo Q600

Joshi, Ankit Chowdhury thank you for the tip!

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