Xiaomi suspends Redmi Note and Redmi 1S sales in India

Following the Ex Parte order from Delhi High Court, Xiaomi has suspended the Redmi Note and Redmi 1S sales in India until further notice. Their official website has been updated and instead of product page you will see the text ‘A Letter to Indian Mi Fans’.

The updated content for Mi Fans on the Xiaomi Website now confirms that the Delhi court did temporarily ban Xiaomi from conducting any further flash sales and the order also bans them from importing products into India.

Xiaomi has clearly mentioned that they are forced to suspend the sales until further notice and as a law abiding company they are looking into the matter and getting legal help. They have told their Mi Fans that they are working to resolve this issue, though it could take time. They enjoyed the past 5 months journey in India and are keen to continue.

xiaomi suspends redmi note and 1S sales until further notice

So for now there will be no Xiaomi sales happening on Flipkart. If you are urgently looking for a handset better look for some other options, or if you can, wait and see how things work out with Xiaomi.



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