Xiaomi today announced its first in-house SOC, it’s called the Xiaomi Surge S1. The Surge S1 is a octa core SOC, 64 bit clocked at 2.2GHz and using the big.LITTLE architecture. This SOC comes coupled with Mali T860 GPU.

Xiaomi and Pinecone together created this processor, it took 28 months from panning to production. Their idea was to create something powerful yet power efficient and to produce on a larger scale so as to reduce the production cost.

How does the Xiaomi Surge S1 compete with MediaTek and Snapdragon

According to Xiaomi their new Surge S1 SOC beats MediaTek Helio P10 as well as Snapdragon 625. The Xiaomi Surge S1 is as mentioned 2.2GHz octa core using cortex A53 x 4 @ 2.2 GHz + cortex A53 x 4 @ 1.4GHz. Coupled with Mali T860 GPU. Surge S1 got Antutu score of 64,817.

Xiaomi Surge S1 in-house chipset launched

The SOC also includes 32 bit high performance DSP (voice processing) and  14 bit dial ISP (image processing). The Surge ISP will improve camera performance. Other features are Chip Level security and OTA upgradable baseband.

This chipset supports VoLTE. The Xiaomi Mi 5c will be powered by this Xiaomi Surge S1 chipset.