Today is Tuesday and another flash sales from Xiaomi begins at 2PM. The Redmi 1S will go on sale again for Rs. 5,999. The 1S flash sales have been running for quite some time and I guess many are now waiting for the Xiaomi Note and the Mi4.

Well Xiaomi was in the news recently, IAF had issued a warning regarding Chinese smartphones, Xiaomi had in fact clarified and are also migrating data servers out of China to US servers and probably in 2015 they will have dedicated servers for Indian users in India.

The Redmi 1S is still a very good buy for Rs. 5,999 though there are some issues with the OS and Xiaomi is tweaking it making it better and better with every updates. The 1S will go on sale at 2PM and like every time I guess this time too, the handset will go out of stock within seconds / minutes.

With so many Redmi 1S sold, I don’t think it will be tough getting the Redmi 1S this time. But do let us know.

Redmi 1S 28 oct  flash sale

Buy the Redmi 1S from Flipkart for Rs. 5,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -