Xiaomi launches Pre-Order system

Most of the Xiaomi products are hard to get and for that reason the company has now launched Pre-order system. So now you can pre-order handsets from Mi.com.  The advantage is that you do not need to wait for the next sale.

Pre-order on Mi.com

Don’t wait for flash sale or the next sale, if you are interested pre-order the product from Mi.com (if not available immediately). You will need to make payment in advance and the product will be shipped within  5 days (note it is shipped within 5 days, which means after shipping it will take 2 to 3 days to get it delivered at your address). But still this is a very good option instead of waiting for next sale and not sure if you will get one.

This system will also help Xiaomi get a better idea about the stock that they need based on demand and can manage easily without overstocking. The Pre-Order system also gives customers an option to cancel the order before the product is shipped.

Pre-order on Mi.com

COD is not available for Pre-orders on Mi.com. For more details check the Mi.com Pre-order page. This Pre-Order will start from 31st March 2017.



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