Xiaomi had already launched their website for India a few days back and now on their official Facebook page they have thanked users for their support and have mentioned to check back on 11th of July this month for something exciting. Now their official page says the handset will be launched on 8th.

Another post on Facebook – about a guess and win game wherein users have to guess the first Xiaomi Mi that will be launched in India. A clear indication that they might launch the handset/s this month.

I got a tip on June 21st from a user who claimed that Xiaomi will launch their product in July, it seems, it will turn out to be true. The tipster also mentioned that Xiaomi will partner with Flipkart to sell their products online (it has now been confirmed).

Another point that the tipster made was that the Xiaomi Mi3 will be priced at approx Rs. 18,000. Probably that could be the first handset that Xiaomi may launch on 11th July (confirmed on 8th July). From next week onwards we could see some teasers from Xiaomi and/or Flipkart, so if you were desperately waiting for the Mi devices to be launched in India, it might happen soon.

Xiaomi launching in india on 11th July 2014

There are many factors that will play an important role in Xiaomi’s success in India, from the price tag, quality, availability and after sales support.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in