Here is an affordable BP machine, presenting the Xiaomi iHealth BP3L Smart Wireless Blood Pressure monitor. This is a must have in your home, it can monitor your BP anytime, comes with built in battery and price is really good at Rs. 3,500 (approx).

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This video covers iHealth BP3L unboxing, features, how to put the cuff, how to use iHealth BP3L with the iHealth App. For now there is no option to use the BP machine without the app but there is a button on the BP machine. Also note there are no display on the BP machine, it connects to your smartphone and you get the data on the smartphone.

Xiaomi iHealth BP3L Smart Wireless Blood Pressure specifications

Main Features:
Automatically connect with phone, no extra connection or setup required, easy to use
Upgraded PCB, accurate measurement, stable and reliable
Universal Micro USB charging port, no fear of losing charging cable
Built-in 2200mAh large capacity battery, can be used more than 500 times ( continuously for more than 5 months ) with a full charge
Automatically broadcast measurement results, thoughtful design for the elderly
Visible design, track your blood pressure changes via graphs
A healthy gift for parents

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
Power: DC5V / 1A
Cuff range: 22 – 30cm
Measturing range: 0 – 40kPa ( 0 – 300mmHg )
Resolution: 0.133kPa ( 1mmHg )
Accuracy: + / – 0.4kPa , + / – 3mmHg
Pulse frequency measurement range: 40 – 180 times/min

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