I just got the Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch delivered and the first thing I did was create the Amazfit unboxing video. You can check the video at the end of this article. This smart watch is not available in India, you can however buy this from international website.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smart watch unboxing

The box packing is quite attractive, inside you will get the nicely packed Amazfit smart watch, user manual in English, data cable and charging dock.

Amazfit smart watch

This Amazfit smart watch looks cool, gives a premium feel and comfortable to wear. The straps can be changed if needed. I have just started using this smart watch, will come up with full review soon. But let me tell you what this smart watch can do.

Amazfit Pace smart watch unboxing

It can track your fitness activities, your sleep, gives notification (apps / calls etc), comes with built in heart rate sensor, there 4GB storage you can store MP3 and play via Bluetooth headset, this is water resistant IP67 certified, supports always on display and there is built in GPS.

Apart from this there is much more that this smart watch will offer, I will cover that in  the full review.

 Where to buy the Amazfit Smart watch

You can buy this from Gearbest website they are now offering special discount – the price as of now is $118.99 that comes to approx Rs. 7,600. You can go for normal shipping and cause of the size / dimensions there will be no custom duty applicable.

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  1. Gogi ji i have ordered amazefit pace from gearbest.com on 28 may 2018. How much time it take to reach delhi and may i have to pay import duty on this. I have checked website nd it shows shipped out but not showing any tracking information and in logistic company showing some Chinese characters. What should i do….plz reply

    1. No difference, just go for the one that is cheaper. But looks like one is shipped from HK and other is shipped from China, go with the one that offers Priority line shipping.

  2. Dear Mr. Gogi,

    I am trying to buy this smartwatch from Gearbest.com. The shipping method that they are providing is some Priority LIne charging me zero rupees. Should i go for that method or registered air mail? Will priority line method attract any custom charges on this product? please help.

      1. Thank You very much for the instant reply. But priority line says India Express (Only Ship Item With Battery). What does that mean?

          1. Almost all users who ordered this, with priority line shipping have got it without custom duty.

  3. Hi Gogi ji ,
    I ordered Amazfit from GearBest last week. I chose Priority Line shipping and they have shipped it via India Line but for the last 5 days it’s showing”in transit” on GearBest order page. I also visited Shipping India Corp page for tracking but it display no such booking ref. Exists .I have contacted GearBest for update still waiting for their reply.
    Can u help me with dis as to which site/webpage should I visit for India Line shipping or how much time does it take after “in transit” msg.


        1. Utkarsh, did u get your watch? If yes, how much time did it take once shipped? Did u have to pay any custom duty on this? Thanks!

  4. Gogi ji, when is the full review expected? Waiting for it to take a purchase decision. Thanks!

    1. Will be soon, there as delay cause of some issues example their app did not have any report option all reports were viewable only on smartwatch, the latest update just a day or 2 back have added the reports in the app itself. This watch has some unique feature that I am testing which will take few more days.

      1. Thanks, will wait for your review. Since you got this from gearbest, can you please confirm the firmware version, is it 1.3.2b or older? Asking because starting 1.3.2b, bootloader is locked and custom ROM installation is not possible.

  5. I’m thinking of buying Xiaomi Mi5C from Aliexpress with DHL shipping.. Do you think it would be wise idea to buy Mi5C for 19k (including customs)

    1. Well no option as Mi5c will not launch in India, if you can wait, do wait for the next Mi handset to be launched in India, otherwise you can go for Mi5c, do note dhl + custom will be extra, for 19K you can expect 3000 to 5000 custom duty. Use this it will give you estimate value https://www.dutycalculator.com/ though most of it depends on the assessment by custom official.

      1. Ok, thank you I think I’ll buy Redmi 4X & will wait for either Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished or 1+5..

  6. Hi,

    If you had to choose between this and Pebble 2 HR, which one would it be?


  7. Gogi Sir, Do you want to say that we can opt for free shipping (which it says will take up to 30 days to deliver) while ordering this watch. But you have in one of your earlier article said that one should not opt for free shipping for products which are more than of Rs.2000/- and your product may be stopped by custom. Kindly clarify.

    1. For some products that are light weight and new not known to customs it can pass without custom duty.

      1. Why to take chance gogi ji? It is possible that customs next time won’t allow it for free and impose customs duty + fine. So what you suggest? Better to go with expressed delivery- DHL?

          1. Thanks for the quick reply. I have another query. As informed by many buyers and even by you, the seller sometimes dispatch through free delivery system rather than express delivery system DHL etc . I want to get the watch through DHL. I have to pay 32 dollars extra. But how to ensure that gearbest/ seller dispatch my item through DHL? Any remarks gogi ji

          2. Check with them before ordering, use their help system. As far as I know last time I used for a over $200 product they charged express payment but sent via EMS.

  8. Sir were you present at delhi near feroz shah yesterday? I think I saw you in accent.

  9. Hello Gogi Bro Good Unbox as always but need some ckclarification,I heard about Umidigi Crystal which will be for presale for just 99.99$.If we import how much will be customs for the product based on price etc

  10. Dear Mr. Rana,
    Planning to buy the same for a long time, but bit skeptical about international shipping and custom duty,taxes,etc. Need ur guidance through for purchasing.

    1. I am.of the same view abhishek. Let me know what u have decided? I am very much interested in the watch