I am at the Xiaomi launch event, today the company will launch a new dual camera smartphone in India. This will be Xiaomi’s first dual camera smartphone for Indian markets. 

Xiaomi already mentioned, this will be a global launch, and it indeed looks like. There are Indian as well as International Media here.

I will keep you posted on what’s happening here along with images. You can refresh the page after few minutes for updates and you can also comment using the comment section below.

Just reached the Xiaomi event.

Xiaomi dual camera launch event

Still time for event, starts at 12:00, plus extra time. Near the registration desk there is a gallery of images shot using the handset that will be launched today. There is no mention of the device name anywhere.

Xiaomi dual camera gallery

Xiaomi dual camera samples

Now inside the arena, still time.

Xiaomi dual camera launch

Xiaomi event launch, Manu Jain says this is biggest global launch. Xiaomi is 5th biggest brand across the World, plus fastest growing company, most innovative. Xiaomi is 2nd biggest brand in India.

It’s Mi A1.

Mi A1

In 3 colors.

Mi A1 color options

Dual camera, picture perfect dual camera. Color + telephoto lens. 12 + 12 MP on back.

Mi A1 12MP plus 12MP

Powered by SD 625, octa core. Powered by Android One.

Mi A1 Android one

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in