Xander Audios also known as XA is a renowned name in home entertainment systems. They have launched the XA-9430 (43 inch), XA-9320 (32 inch), and XA-9240 (24 inch) TV’s and Stealth 2 Audio System in India.

These TV’s come with 3D comb filter that reduces cross-colour interference, colour bleeding, video noise and dot crawl, there by delivering sharper, clearer and richer output. The TV’s also come with energy saving features, VGA port, PC input, AV, HDMI and USB ports.

XA-9430 is priced at Rs.43990 , XA-9320 at Rs. 21,990, XA-9240 at Rs. 12,990, and XA 339 STEALTH-2 at Rs. 9,999. XA products are available at all leading retail stores. Both the products can also be purchased separately. However, the two together will give you an unparallel audio-video experience.

Xander HD LED 9320 Xander HD LED 9240 Xander  Stealth 2

Commenting on the launch of XA 339 STEALTH-2 and LED-TV series, Mr. Ajay Mehta, Managing Director of XA said, “XA aims to offer state-of-the-art technology to dynamic Indian customers who are looking for high-quality home entertainment products at “real” prices. We want to grow as a trusted brand and tap wider markets with exciting multimedia speakers, home theatre systems, and LED televisions. Unwind, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows or hear your favorite tunes that too without burning a hole in your pockets.”

By Sunil V