Withings the world leader in fitness / health related devices has partnered with Brandeyes Distributers and have launched couple of health / fitness related products in India. These products are available on Amazon with price starting from Rs. 9,999.

Withings Health mate app comes with health cloud integration. This app is compatible with many Withings devices. App is available on Android and iOS platforms. It provides insight about users health and offers personalized coaching and feedback.

The WiFi Sale is another device that accurately measures the weight and body composition. Users can set their weight goal and keep track of BMI, Muscle Mass, Hydration levels, Fat Mass, Bone Mass and more.

And then there are couple of activity tracker (Activite) that keeps track of your body movements, sleep, your heart rate etc.  Withings WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor can easily measure your blood pressure with Health Mate app.

Withings Fitness related products launched in India

Withings Product Price

Pulse OX price Rs. 9,999.
WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor price Rs. 10,999.
Body Price Rs. 12,499.
Activite pop Price Rs. 14,999.
Activite Steel Price Rs. 17,999.
Home Price Rs. 19,999.
Aura Price Rs. 25,999.
Activite Sapphire Price Rs. 34,999.

These products are available on Amazon.in.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in