Vodafone launched the Super Hour scheme that gives users unlimited data/voice options for 1 hour. The Vodafone Super Hour will offer user’s one hour of unlimited data access using Vodafone 3G or 4G networks for just Rs. 21.

Apart from data offer Vodafone is also offering unlimited voice calls in local circle i.e. Vodafone to Vodafone (unlimited voice calls for 1 hour) for just Rs. 7. So if you are using Vodafone you can pay Rs. 21 and get unlimited 3G/4G data for 1 hour or / and you can pay Rs. 7 and get unlimited voice calls to Vodafone for 1 hour.

This Vodafone Super Hour Scheme for now is available in selected circles and will be rolled out across all circles by 9th of January. Once the pack usage expires (i.e. after one hour) users can repeat the purchase. In circles where only 2G network is available, users can get 2G unlimited for 1 hour for just Rs. 5.

Vodafone super hour unlimited voice and unlimited 3G/4G for 1 hour

The Vodafone SuperHour Scheme looks quite attractive however all depends on the speed that a Vodafone user would get.