Wickedleak has launched their first Smartwatch the Alpha Smartwatch for ₹6,990. This is a CNC crafted watch that comes with a 3D curved touch display. The Alpha Smartwatch works with both android and iOS devices.

The Alpha smartwatch is powered by MediaTek MT2502 chipset that is specially made for wearable and consumes 30% less power while giving 60% more processing power (when compared with similar processor in the same category).

There is built in speaker (BS-3D speaker) and microphone, you can make and receive calls directly using the watch without touching your smartphone. The watch can also be used for checking fitness activities. In addition there is a heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate and pedometer to count your steps and calories burned.

Wickedleak Alpha Smartwatch for ₹6,990

Screen is 1.54 inches supporting 240 x 240 pixels resolution. Weight is 48 grams and watch makes use of Bluetooth 4.0. The 280 mAh Li-Po built in battery gives up to 2 days of backup on a single charge. I guess this watch is java based and hence works with iOS and Android platforms.

Wickedleak Alpha Smartwatch is now available for ₹6,990.

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