There was news about Whatsapp implementing video calls, in fact some Whatsapp beta users actually were able to use the video call feature – it was later removed. Well for now it seems Whatsapp has started rolling video call support on Whatsapp beta.

Not all of the beta build have got the feature enabled, probably the same will be rolled out in a phased manner. But the good news is that the video calling feature will be coming soon on Whatsapp. The video call option will help users video call with other whatsapps user.

If you are using Whatsapp you might already be aware of the Whatsapp call feature that allows you to call other whatsapp user via your 3G/4G networks. When video call is enabled, users will get option to make voice or video calls.

So watch out video call option is coming to Whatsapp pretty soon.

whatsapp video call feature coming soon


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -