Good news for Vodafone users, the company has announced that they will be offering free incoming calls for all its customers while roaming. Until now incoming calls were free but customers had to pay for incoming calls received while roaming.

Vodafone users can now enjoy completely free incoming calls even when they are roaming. They however will still need to pay for incoming calls while roaming internationally. In simple terms incoming calls within India is completely free for Vodafone users.

The company today announced this new offering that will be in effect this Diwali. Vodafone users traveling anywhere in India receiving incoming calls will not be charged. This scheme will be by default activated for all Vodafone users.

Vodafone free Incoming calls while National Roaming

There is no special packs, opt in option or anything needed from the Vodafone customer end. The free incoming calls while roaming nationally will be automatically activated this Diwali.