Vivo Nex review – the Nex(t) revolution is here!

Here is the Vivo Nex review, this handset has already been launched in India it is powered by Snapdragon 845 octa core processor the same that is used on the OnePlus 6 and the Asus Zenfone 5z. Nex price in India is Rs. 44,990 with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

The handset feels good, though a little heavy at 199 grams. The Nex feels comfortable to hold cause of its curvy design and it offers a lot more usable screen area than any other phone. Talking about the screen it is 6.5 inches, super AMOLED with FHD+ resolution, and there is no Notch.

What you get to experience is a Ultra FullView Display screen stretched right up to the top and bottom. To achieve this Vivo incorporated many new technologies. To start with the sensors, the light sensor is beneath the screen and the proximity sensor is just on the edge. Check video.

Vivo Nex review

The finger print sensor is also in-display as seen on the Vivo X21 smartphone. The in-call speaker has been completely removed. Instead Vivo has used the sound casting technology that in fact makes use of vibration to transmit sound via the display. Yes the sound actually comes out from the display, you just need to press your ear on the screen just like you would do on other handsets.

Vivo Nex box

There are two advantages of this sound casting technology – the first is for the manufacturers, it gives them freedom to use the full screen and not limit a particular area to the small in-call speaker some hide that via the notch. The second advantage is for the user, during a call they are not limited to placing their ear on a specific area on the screen (like on the handsets with in-call speaker). Check video.

Inside the hood the Vivo Nex is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa core processor that is well known, powerfully and power efficient. There is 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, FunTouch OS 4.0 runs out of the box based on Android v8.1. Handset supports dual VoLTE and comes with basic features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, there is no NFC.

This handset can play high end games in high quality mode with ease. Antutu benchmark score that I got was 2,86,609.

Vivo Nex performance

There are dual cameras on the rear a 12MP + 5MP using SONY IMX363 sensors, plus 4 axis optical image stabilization, f/1.8 aperture and AI HDR plus AI Scene recognition. Rear camera quality is awesome, check the camera samples below and also check the Vivo Nex camera review video.

Vivo Nex dual cameras

There is no front camera, seriously, it is hidden, it will pop up when you need it. Now this mechanism has helped Vivo achieve Ultra full view. The motorized elevated front camera module will auto pop up slowly and will also hide when needed.

Vivo Nex popup selfie camera

Front 8MP camera quality is also awesome. What I like most about the camera is the monochrome mode that shoots the subject in color and the background in black and white. Check camera review video and also check the samples below.

Overall camera quality is excellent, front camera too, both rear and front can shoot in bokeh mode. Handset hardly heats up. The camera can shoot 4K videos at 30fps.

The 4000 mAh battery takes 1 hours 30 minutes for a full charge and on a full charge (using fast charger provided)  you can get one to one and a half days of mixed usage.

Sound is loud and clear, you also get premium earphones inside the Vivo Nex box.

Vivo Nex camera samples

You can buy the Vivo Nex from Amazon –

Vivo Nex
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