Here is the Viva V1 review, this is a feature phone that you can get for just Rs. 350 + Rs. 100 for shipping, total Rs. 450. Is it worth it and what are the features, to know more read the review / watch the video.

Inside the box you will get the handset, battery 650 mAh, thank you card and travel charger. The charger is old type (pin type) as seen on older feature phone. Build and finishing of Viva V1 is good as per the price, it’s plastic body using two color combination Blue / Orange.

Handset is light weight, pretty small and it’s a feature phone with alphanumeric keypad. English and Hindi Languages are supported. This V1 comes with single (normal) SIM slot and supports 2G – so you cannot use Reliance Jio SIM on this handset that needs 4G.

Viva V1 review

Screen is 1.44 inches, monochrome and okay as per the price / features. A simple phone for everyday usage at the max you can use it for making calls / receiving calls, for SMS’s, comes with built in FM radio for on the move entertainment, alarm clock, game (snake as on Nokia phones) and built in torch light.

Viva V1 feature phone quality

The 650 mAh battery will last for 1 to 2 days based on your usage. I did not find any issues with network, used Airtel SIM, network bar was full. As for sound output, its loud and the call quality is good enough as per the price.

Viva V1 feature phone back

This is a ultra low cost handset priced at just Rs. 450 with shipping, a good buy if you need a handset for emergency purpose / as a backup phone. Also note there is no camera on this phone – yes no camera, no front and no rear cameras.

Viva V1 feature phone performance

Rating 3 out of 5

Vivo V1 Single SIM feature phone is available on for Rs. 349 + Rs. 99 for shipping.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -