If you are planning to buy the Oneplus 3 you can avail this unique upgrade programme that enables customers to exchange their old smartphone and get up to 100% discount on Oneplus 3. You can upgrade, starting today.

Under this buy-back offer Manak Waste management Private LimitedCashify’ will be providing buy back schemes for old smartphone (in working condition). Customers can exchange their old smartphone and depending on the condition they will get cash on the spot.

How to upgrade to OnePlus 3 handset by exchanging your old smartphone

The first thing to do is get your old device evaluated at Cashify, this way you will know the repayment value for your device. Then you need to purchase the OnePlus 3 handset from Amazon and note down the Order ID, accept terms and conditions and after that you will get redirected to Cashify page. Do note you need to pay for the Oneplus 3 at Amazon – the full amount.

upgrade to OnePlus 3 Amazon Cashify scheme

The next step is to enter the exchange details on Cashify site, your address etc, and confirm the buyback price (the price that Cashify evaluated based on the handset condition). Confirm the pickup, Cashify representative will visit, inspect and if all okay you get cash on the spot.

This scheme is applicable only for Oneplus 3 handsets as of now.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in