Upcoming reviews on Gogi.in

On this page you will find the list of devices I have in hand or expect to get soon, for the review.  Many users were asking me about the review that I am working on.  I had an announcement section before but, had some issues with that and now have created a dedicated page for the upcoming reviews.

On this page you will know what I am working on or planning to. Do note that it takes time creating quality videos and more time editing / uploading it. I try to get it as soon as possible but at times there are net issues, or a mistake that forces me to recompile the video again or in a very rare case issues with YouTube.  So stay tuned the videos will be up ASAP.

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Upcoming reviews on Gogi.in

  • Lenovo vibe x2
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Elephone P3000

You can leave a message, requesting about the devices that you want reviewed.


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