UMI will launch the UMI X2 quad core android handset with impressive features for a price of Rs. 14000 with free shipping. The UMI X2 will sport a 5 inch screen, 2GB RAM and running on the Android 4.1 OS, and there is more.

The price is just about the  same what Micromax A116 is tagged at. And you get 1920×1080 pixels resolution IPS screen with Gorilla Glass 2 protection, 2GB RAM with a massive 32GB internal storage.

Of the dual cameras the rear one will be with a 13MP resolution with LED flash and the front one will be with a 2MP resolution. The handset will sail on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and users will get upgrade to Android 4.2.

The UMI X2 dual SIM handset supports 3G, 2G, GPS and Wi-Fi. Other features included are 3.5mm jack, FM and micro USB port. The battery is of 2500mAh capacity. The price does look good and you get better features than on MMX A116.

Finally something to compete with Micromax A116, yes the brand is new to Indian users and after sales service may take time, but the specifications are too tempting… for the price.

UMI X2 quad core

UMI X2 key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM with Dual Standby.
  • Quad core MT6589 (1.2GHz) with PowerVR SGX544 GPU.
  • 5 inch IPS screen with Gorilla Glass 2 protection and resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD).
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and micro SD support.
  • Android 4.1 upgradable to 4.2.
  • 13MP auto focus camera with LED flash and front 2MP camera.
  • 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, FM radio and micro USB port.
  • 2500mAh battery.
  • Price Rs. 14,000 (website :

I got call from UMI and they asked me for the best price possible for this product. Taking clue from the Micromax A116 pricing and considering specifications and after sales support, they finally came down to the best possible price of Rs. 14,000.

Bookings will start within a week or two and deliveries after 15th March. Better to wait for review and initial user inputs before ordering the handset. UMI  Indian is still struggling to setup service centers in India.

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  1. Hey Gogi, is device main kuch jyaada gadbad to nahi hi na?

    Sorry, i mean to say hopefully there aren’t many issues with this product.
    I have been waiting for this model since a long time due to its awesome configuration and price. And that’s why, i am very eager to see the performance of this product. Even, i was trying to get this product from China!

    It will be very helpful for the people like me if you can share your reviews as soon as possible. At least tell us, with in how many days you shall be able to update these details.

    Thanks in advance Gogi bhai:)

  2. Hey Gogi,Is this Phone Supports USB OTG and TV out

    please let us also know that in your review

    i dont think it will support any of these but also confirm it

    and about WIFI it only supports b/g while other phones like canvas supports b/g/n

    so whats the difference i use a lot Of WIFI so let me know please

  3. Hi Gogi,

    I have a small suggestion to make. Could you display overall rankings of the phones on your homepage based on the score they got in your review. This ranking list could be very helpful for all the followers who follow this website. It would act as a ready reckoner for anyone looking to buy a handset.

  4. Hi Gogi,

    It seems like lot of people are lined up for your review updates!! 🙂
    It’s ok if you take some time for the review updates so that you can inform the UMI team if there are any issues. This gives them some time to improve the product before they can actually release it to the end user(as this can spoil their reputation at the initial stage itself).

  5. Hey Gogi,
    Umimobile has posted on facebook saying that they have dispatched the first review unit to india and again i.e to you only!! Great and very happy to hear that..

    Once you receive it, let us all know the complete information about its performance. Gogi, I have been waiting for this since a long time and i wish to see the best results.
    Cheers man….

      1. hi gogi,
        the umi x2 is a bit lag that i had seen in china review , so when u get the phone pls check this one once , and coming to the resolution it is a bit high which may effect eyes , and also check battery status because the pocessor used is more power consuming ,again the screen is high resolution i think i thick it is not last for 3/4 th day………………………….

      2. Hi Gogi,

        I seem to be checking your site every half an hour to see if you have posted the detailed review of the UMI X2. Hope the review unit is already in your hands.. Request you to post the benchmark scores as well.. Really waiting for your review man..


  6. Hi,
    As per UMI Mobile they have dispatched some handset for media review, please clear that have u got such thing under your notice…please reply if u have any information regarding delay………………..

    1. Ritesh, as of now I have still not got the handset, neither a tracking code so I can trace the whereabouts. I have added an announcement box on the right side bottom. You can check that for the review unit status updates.

  7. Hi Gogi,
    Also check the version os jellybean. Initially he mentions “This phone is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and upgradable to Android 4.2. Later at the end of review he mentions “System information display, the excellent equipped UMI X2, Android 4.21 version of the system.” Either he is confused or genuineness of review under question?

  8. This giant handset is available in India, but due to some problems they have not start selling the handset, my uncle is working as a marketing executive for these companies like, gfive and some more companies, and now UMI too, some stock is already available here but due to high demand they are going to increase the availability of stock, in morning I got to know that it will be available before 20th April – online as well as offline in stores, my uncle will definitely gonna get one mobile for marketing b4 it will be available.

  9. Hi everyone,
    Received the confirmation from UMI for booking as below
    …your order for confirmation after review of Umi X2 in India Media. Team Umi Mobiles”

    Gogi, does it mean that there will be delay in launch or it being cancelled if any negative review comes out? Why are they opening for booking if they want to wait the review of India media? Pls clarify Mr.Gogi/UMI team….

    1. I think they will first roll out the handset to reviewers in India this will give them coverage and also time to get the stocks and probably some service centers.

      1. Then its bad news for guys like us as this will further delay the delivery. 🙁
        Between, did you receive handset for review? Very eager to know abt it…

        Between the choice of Umi X2 & Wammy passion Y HD, which one you will recommend? The thickness of Y HD is put as 5mm in their website and Wickedleak team stands that it is 0.5cm thickness, it is true?

          1. Specs wise X2 is better but Wammy passion Y HD is the only option available, other is A116 and Q800 which seems to be the most popular quad core for now.

  10. UMI X2 spoted with some Indian product in backround,
    still much of the things are not clear.
    whats next?
    wheres the first review?
    still holding myself (WAW)

  11. Hi Gogi ,
    Please let me know about the current status of the phone .
    Do you prefer to buy this phone ?

  12. It has 1080p resolution. So i fear it will result in low FPS during play of heavy games. Is my fear right? Or will quad core and 2 GB ram nullify this?
    Pls gaming is my top proiority.

  13. got mail confirmation on token advance pymt extracts are below:


    Thanks for your payment confirmation !!

    Customer Name: Shashi Kumar
    Product : Umi X2 Quadcore

    We acknowledge your payment confirmation for Umi X2, we will process your order for confirmation after review of Umi X2 in India Media.


    Team Umi Mobiles

  14. for all those desperate of paying and held by umi logon to this page and share your concern. I request Mr.Gogi rana to announce the people not to pay these scammers as they have no physical address or anything in that matter please take this seriously otherwise lot of innocent people will be cheated .

  15. gogiji congrats….

    “We will submit India`s First X2 for Gogi to review”- says UMIMOBILE facebook page.

      1. MR.GOGI, Be careful, these guys look like fraudster’s. They are taking 500 rupees as token amount and will soon ask for people to deposit the entire 14,000 before shipping the phone. They will surely run away with the money. BE CAREFUL.

  16. This is such a pain in my a**. Was eagerly waiting for this phone without going for Canvas HD or Zolo A 1000 etc. But now Canvas HD for me i guess…huh this phone too aint in the market…kya karun yaar? Should i go for Zopp 950 quadcore phones???? Pls someone suggest me.

  17. HELLO SAKET,I give perfect figure X2 sales on friday 8971pcs and X1 sales 6500 .this figures confirmed by umi .X2 8971*500=44,85,500 and umi X1 is 6500*500=32,50,000Rs. Means total business of friday is 44,85,500 32,50,000=7735500 per day its amazing and including my 500 rs. Also

    1. Dear Ajay .. My worry was not about figures instead about the ethics of doing business .. What is the surety that this is not a fraud ( I am not saying it is a fraud).. They have not yet set any office anywhere .. Forget about sales service centers.. Its really amazing to see how people just get in to such traps and then cry foul ..There is endless list of companies fooling people in everyday be it chit fund, speak asia , qnet etc

      .Why did they block me from commenting if they found my comments negative they should have clarified it other than deleting it .. I am not the only one there are many who have been blocked by UMI.

      1. Saket you are absolutely right, Somebody needs to file a case with the cyber crime division. They are not a registered company in India, yet they are collecting money from people in India in an INDIAN BANK ACCOUNT. They can remotely operate the account online and transfer it to some xyz account , people are giving them token amounts of 500 rupees and some are giving 14000. Their website also seems fake, It has been registered only a month ago. I am going to the cyber crime police station in Bangalore to register a case tomorrow. If they are not a registered company, they cannot have a current account. It looks like a personal account. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

  18. Hii gogi… Gizchina says umi X2 launch delayed. instead Umi X1S is coming soon… did u get any info on that ?

  19. UMi Mobile FB page (
    Has deleted my negative comment about their pre-book policy and blocked me from commenting further, after I wrote ” If 1000 ppl pre book UMI (or whoever they are) would make 1000 x 500 =Rs 5 lakh which is a good business idea by just creating a FB oage n 2 cheap looking websites” after all what grievance Redressal system they have “Just a Mobile number” ?..They have not even opened a office anywhere forget sale/service center.. So guy before getting into technical review ..make sure your money is safe even if it is 500 rs.. Dont pre Book untill they tie-up with varyfied retailers

    1. Some guys have even paid the entire amount 14,000. These guys surely look like frauds. Even i had commented saying that they are a fly-by-night company which will take all the money and run away people please be careful.

  20. OMG 😀 over 500 comments 90% about the way to buy it blindlly without careing about xpert full review&after sale service,9%
    about specs. which r already mentioned,1% about practical issues.

    what kind of system it is? our own govt. with AAKASH made us mad,then some rebranders like WHAMMY&now direct OEM like UMI.why should we get tempt,mad&try to own them ASAP which are not gr8 like PS3 from gaints.
    so wait till they come to ur city with SERVICE

  21. I just ordered & with in seconds received mail from umi.. same info to deposit amount n call dem….lol..

  22. After confirmation email along wt order id you should deposit 500rs by bank deposit wt going to nearest HDFC can also use NEFT Online banking app. To deposite amount after you should call 09818081882 to confirmed amount now your order is confirmed then wait for 2 nd email to pay bankdeposit of 13500 when umi dispatched your piece via bluedart i confirmed my order wt NEFT and call Umi now my order is 100% confirmed.

  23. Is UMi mobiles fake or real ,the website is very poorly designed,Also i found no information on net abt kevin changua ,organization name:Shenzhen Umi Telecom Group Limited.
    Only one good thing is that website is powered by zepo which is good online web store which will do background chk of the company before hosting products on their website.

    WHOIS information for***

  24. hey..gogi ji..
    i booked umi x2 on there offical site nd got the Order ID: GIOQF67406 by the mail. but now i m confused that what i have to do next..?

    1. Hi Pawan ,Did you get your order . If yes whats the performence of phone and what about after sale and service ?

  25. Apparently Umi X2 16GB Low end priced model is slated as coming soon to Indian Markets!!!!!

  26. The website looks phony (Pun intended). No address, no landline number, lousy and unprofessional design of some funny zepo site. Something appears fishy. Please clear things up Team Umi.

  27. Dear Gogi,

    The umi x2 pics page on their official website shows a frontal pic of the mobile. I can see two sets of buttons, capacitive and touch. Is this standard in jelly bean to have two sets of buttons?

    1. Your questions answer is in facebook/umimobil please go there and read it and pawan your query is solved in facebook umi page or read my post

      1. Dear Ajay,

        Kindly give me the link as there’s just too much to search for on a facebook page

    1. After booking X2 I didn’t got any order number, no mail of confirmation.
      How should I suppose to communicate without order number? How they will come to know that specificaly I have deposited the money?

      1. I did the order process today. I did get the order number, email confirmation and the HDFC account number as well.

        1. HDFC a/c no. is displayed on the order confirmation page but order ID is not on the same page, if u say its in the email, I’ll check that.

  28. Gogi sir and my dear all umi fan’s
    This link is very important for all of you, if you going to buy umi x2 must read first term and condition of umimobile—Conditions-pid-11636.html

    Website clearly says they are not responsible for any kinds of mistakes and errors and website may be links to other websites by fishers

    What you think about this ®

    1. hai gogi, in that 05:07 length video, please check 03:15 to 03:30, it shows only 961mb ram and 2gb internal memory.

          1. It’s just semi-finished workshop, with 1GB/ 4GB, and the real one with 2GB/32GB

  29. ajay bro 2 things that stops me to buy UMI X2 are 1.service centers.
    2.locean x7 premium price.

    to x7 premium price we have to wait.
    but to establish service centers why so late to umi? i dont want to see it UMI with no sales like zopo. u gave so much info. upto now so without irritating plz tell or find about s.centers if u really love it.

  30. Umi is about to give bank details for payments. However what we expect first is at least confirmation of order placed by us. We have not received any call/mail/sms telling us that our booking is successful. Even if you publish bank details how we should know whether to deposit advance amount of Rs. 500? Some correspondence regarding our booking status will be highly appreciated.

  31. Flood of HD phones…..getting confused.

    Just for every ones info, i have checked the price of UMI X2 in China and it is 1499 Yuan, which comes around just above 13k INR. The company is not well known in china. It is available in the market, but even the dealers are not having much words about the company.

  32. Hi Gogi and All Friends,

    UMI X2 seems have best configuration among all Chinese phones. But main concern is How to buy this phone from India?
    By looking at – .The site design is very poor and creates doubt that it could be fake.
    Aliexpress is another option but shipping cost around $40.

    Do we have any other option? Anybody can help on this?

    1. First you wants to sign in wt your email then umi mobile contects you via email giving password.afterwards you should go to side then login wt password and email.then go to x2 quadcore select buy option then step 2 comes wt applying your details afterwards proceed to payment beward not to make any payment then click 4th procisor here you find your order is confirmed but you dont make payment .afterwards umi mobiles contacts you wt email for payment near 10to 15 march first you wants to make 500 deposite to there bank account .this is a sign of your order is confirmed afterwards when umi dispatched your piece via bluedart they give info abt order no. Consitment no. You should make full payment Thats it this is procissor to book UMI X2 Afterwards 3 to 5 days you got your umi x2 in your hands.If you dont like wait for 7 or 8 days UMI X2 COMES ON ONLINE STORE EBAY why should you going wt alixpress to bare shipping custom charges .

  33. Hi gogi sir
    this is what i found in terms&condition of
    “The content of the pages of this website is for your general….meet your specific requirements.”

    when they r not giving guarantee of their performance how can we order on that site..plz if they contact u..plz clarify it on ours behalf..

  34. They said review units are dispatched .. any news about that gogi sir ..?? any email or phone..??

  35. Hello Gogi sir, wickedleak launches new quad core device, wammy passion y, with jelly bean and hd screen, i think wickedleak is competing with micromax and other chines companies.

  36. Gogi bhai, Can UMI X2 supports Hindi language? and it’s price 14,000 INR is final ? cause UMI people (thru fb) saying that they have approached to Mr.Gogi, Indian reviewer for price determination. Please reply.

    1. You will need to install some apps to get hindi keyboard but you can read Hindi characters on screen.

      1. Thanks gogi bro, then I will definetely place an order for it and hope will received its delivery after 15th March (hopefully around 20th March, it would be in my hand)…