Xiaomi has sent out invites for their next event scheduled on 20th March. The invite tagline says ‘Time to get smArter‘. Not sure yet what they are going to launch, but it looks like they could launch something other than a smartphone.

There are a lot of things available in China, that Xiaomi has not yet launched in India, so probably they might launch such items like accessories. They might also launch a smartphone who knows. The event is scheduled on 20th March.

So what do you think Xiaomi will launch on 20th. Will it be a new smartphone in the Redmi series or will the company launch other accessories (camera, routers, TV box or maybe TV!). Leave your comment below and let us know what you think.

time to get smarter xiaomi event on 20th March


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  1. अरे भैया हमका तो इसका मी नोटबुक एयर बड़ा पसंद है वो कब लांच करेंगे इंडिया में इंग्लिश विंडो के साथ

  2. probably some other home appliances like TV DVD player music system, smart watch etc…

  3. It is MI 6 Guys. There are going to launch it, first in India and this time all the low and high variants are available in India. Report from my friend, working inside Xiaomi.

    1. भैया जी अपने दोस्त से पूछना जरा नोटबुक एयर इंग्लिश विंडो के साथ कब लांच करेंगे इंडिया में या नहीं करेंगे

  4. Le TV is also launching a new 40 inch FHD smart led TV very soon with Samsung panel.

  5. Seems like Redmi 4A… coz in the poster we could see the 4 and A in combined design..

  6. It could be a redmi 4x with snapdragon 435 and redmi 4a with snapdragon 425… So it’s finally redmi 4 prime with snapdragon 625 not comes to india…

  7. None other than floor cleaner 😀

    Atleast next year, hope they launch a 7inch, dual front facing speaker tab/phab with all DAC for sound,,,,

    Or they may turn to kitchen

    Until apple and Samsung stop it seems xiaomi too won’t change design

    But whatever they launch therez always,,,,,, goats r ready for pre booking,,,,,

  8. could be Redmi 4A or LED smart TV.
    but also could be some smart watch as well. but my top guess is Redmi 4A.

  9. As long as they launch affordable products with good quality , it won’t matter , coz they would sell them quickly in India , hope that I would be able to buy them ( it ) .

  10. They will launch some IoT products this time. Look at word SMARTER, it indicates that some Smart Technology by Xiaomi is coming to India.

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            Kindly suggest the best sub 15K Camera phone.

            Thank you in Advance.

          2. go for honor 6x excellent on budget 15k prospective.when u capture in portraits it gives DSLR type effect call bokeh which focus spot looks clear n background gets blur so nice.. Coolpad cool 1s is also but honor brand value and future sw update is good also …