The Next Redmi selfie smartphone (Redmi Y2 probably) unveiling on 7th June 2018

Mi India is all set to roll out a new selfie phone that will be announced at an event in Delhi. It will be another handset in the Redmi series, the tweet on official site says it will be the best selfie smartphone, arriving soon.

So get ready for the next Redmi Smartphone launching on 7th June. Mi India (Xiaomi) had already launched the Redmi Y1 handset that was a selfie handset and if you look at the teaser video in this tweet, in the end the text reads – The #Real (Y) in red (You) Smartphone is Coming.

This is a clear indication that the new Redmi phone will be in the Y series, the company had launched Redmi Y1 and the next one could probably be called the Redmi Y2. There is a high probability that the company may launch the S2 that was launched in China recently.  The company might just rename it and bring it into the Y series.

Redmi Y2 selfie phone

Let’s wait and watch, so get ready for another selfie centric phone from Xiaomi (Mi India), The Redmi S2 was launched in China for approx Rs. 10,500 (RMB 999) so we can expect a price tag of under Rs. 10,000.

You can buy the Redmi S2 for $155.99 (for limited 500 units) that comes to approx Rs. 10,500, or wait for the new launch in India.


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