Swipe Tab X74S Halo Tab from Swipe Telecom is another ICS powered 7 inch tablet with built in SIM slot for phone functionality. The Tab X74S also called Halo Tab is priced at Rs. 8,999.

This tab comes with cortex A8 Allwinner A0 CPU with Mali 400 GPU. The Android 4.0 OS runs smoothly with 1GB DDR3 memory. Add to it there is 4GB of internal storage. The specifications on the Swipetelecom website do not clearly mention the 3G part. However there is this built in SIM slot that can house a 2G or 3G SIM card, you can make phone calls, send SMS’s etc.

The Swipe Tab X74S Halo Tab should possibly allow you to access the net over the 3G network (please confirm it with the company). Other features are a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800×480 pixels resolution; there is Wi-Fi, dual cameras 2MP rear and 1.3MP front, flash 10.1 supported, 2xUSB port, microSD card support, HDMI out port and Sensors.

There is built in loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones. The Swipe Tab X74S Halo Tab does not come with GPS or Bluetooth. A 3800mAh battery gives usage time of about 5 hours.

Swipe Tab X74S Halo Tab

For a price of Rs. 8,999 the tag seems a bit costly especially with the missing Bluetooth option, moreover the 3G network supported speed is not known. Other tabets (with built in 3G) to look for within the same price range Wammy Ethos and iBerry Auxus Ax03G.

Swipe Tab X74S Halo Tab Key features and Specifications

  • Allwinner A10 Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 1.5GHz (will be 1 GHz) + Mali 400 GPU.
  • 1GB DDRII RAM, 4GB internal storage and MicroSD (up to 32GB).
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Wi-Fi, SIM Slot (2G/3G), 1 OTG port, 1 USB port, micro SD slot, 3.5mm jack, DC in, HDMI port (2160p output), Gsensor and SIM slot.
  • Front 1.3MP camera and a rear 2MP camera of fixed focus.
  • Battery Capacity: 3800 mAh play time of about 5 hours.

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  1. Dear Friend,
    Could please tell whether internet browsing can be done by using 2G sim card on halo tab x74s as i have read on some website that it support sim card for calling purpose only.

    Many thanks in advance!!!

  2. Gogi g

    plz suggest me calling 3g tablet within the budget of rs 10000/- with following feature..

    – with good quality rare cemra
    – 3G sim slot
    – may be 3G Dongle slot
    – 7″ touch screen
    – good memory expandable 32 GB
    – Ram 1GB & DDR 3
    – good resoluation
    – anroaid google store
    – may be dual sim or single sim
    – good internet speed 3G

    plz also give link where i check complete specification of the suggested tablet…
    i cannot affort sumsung, apple costly tablet

  3. Dear Gogi sab,

    I glad to visit your website regularly since i found on internet.I like your
    posts especially on tablets.When saw your posts i am willing to purchase tablet that to deserve my needs like calling,entertainment,gaming,education as i cant afford for a laptop.I am pursuing diploma in engineering so it should cover all my minimum needs.Plz provide a budget tablet under 12,000 rupees?here are the specifications as i gain minimum knowledge at tablets by visiting your site.which company is best zync,zen,swipe,wicked leak,iball,iberry among them with good customer care support and trusted one.

    *dual sim of either (2g/3g) or single sim with 3g

    *screen resolution preferred (> 7 inches) to read pdf docs and docs

    *dual core or single core of >1 ghz

    *dual gpu 400 mali or single gpu 400 mali

    *1gb of ddr3 ram

    *best sensors like accelerometer,g-sensor or all gravity sensors

    *Internal Memory minimum of 4gb,supports expandable memory to 32gb

    *Must support for Android Market/Google Play with good customer care support for the device if found any technical problems

    *dual cameras front and rear with best camera quality if not,rear camera is must with good quality

    **Built in GPS,bluetooth,wifi,built in 3g

    *good battery backup should be best >3000 mAh

    *support for usb port(optional) and memory card reader(optional)

    *HDMI output(optional)

    I perfer mostly a phablet in terms of great features.As your an expert plz
    provide me the correct information cuz i trust u alot.don’t waste my money spending on a tablet of unknown company without good customer care support.
    gogi sab as i read comments about wicked leak,is it a fake company?i think it is just ruining the penny spent on tablet?is it true,as you preferred in video that wammy desire is best but the comments around the company is most wrost.plz dont suggest tablets companies of this kind.i had more doubts about tablets?i will ask you later.

    *gogi sab don’t neglect my comment plz give a quick and best suggestion i am confused of which of them should i buy above mentioned?note that i am student…your suggestion is more valuable and affordable for guys like me.

    thank u

    1. Raja, there are very few dual core options the Wammy desire with 1024×600 resolution will be the best for you. It does not come with built in 3G. In case you want tab with built in 3G there are some options check the tablet section, the 3G tabs are with single core processor.

      Wicked leak and Veedee are good company,quite active in the market. There will be users who are not happy with the product or cause of hardware /software issues, these users will often comment a lot seeking solutions to their problem. It is a rare case so don’t worry about it, it happens even with big brands. What is important is that the company should listen and respond to your queries.

  4. Hi gogi I check your website daily, can u tel about melagrow 7.16c because I want buy this tablet but it has 3g sim slot can u tell me it has calling facility or 2g supportable.

  5. Hi Gogi.

    I need your help asap.

    I am keenly thinking to buy this tablet within a week.

    But, I am confused whether to go for this, or for NXG electronics' tablet.

    Also, can you please help me by honestly telling that is it a worth buy?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Sankalpa, all of these Indian companies selling tablets do not have a good customer support backend. I would suggest you call these companies and check out their response to get a better idea. Swipe are new and they might serve better.

  6. The most tremendous thing about Swipe tab is its price. Everybody will be able to buy it. Excellent features at an affordable price 🙂

  7. Hi Gogi,

    I just saw that they have updated the specification as :

    SIM Compatibility Yes, for calling and browsing (3G dongle not supported)

    Now it is clear that the tab does not support External 3G Dongle.. What would your suggestion about this tab @8999/- in comparison with Wammy Ethos @10800/- Which has both SIM Card support and 3G Dongle support.


    1. Vipin, yes though some 3G dongles will work but Swipe will not entertain with reference to 3G dongle issues. Also on a 3G tab it would not be fair to use a dongle. Wammy Ethos looks good you can also chat with Wickedleak to get an idea about their support.

    2. Ethos has

      -3G browsing

      -Wifi hotspot

      -Better resolution

      -8GB memory (X74S has 4GB)

      -Ethernet support

      -Responsive and better customer service (at least as per the reviews what I can see everywhere)

      -1 year warranty (I chatted with customer care and they told me this)

      Swipe X74S has

      -Dual camera

      -Call using tab (note that Ethos can make calls using loudspeaker, head-phones or Bluetooth ear-phones)

      -1.5 GHz Allwinner A10 (Ethos has A10 1.2 Ghz)

      -3800 mAh battery (Ethos has 3500 mAh)

      I hope this will help you make this decision:)

  8. swipe halo tab has bluetooth, please check it out with official website http://www.swipetelecom.com
    wammy ethos cost 10800 (800×400 Version)INR Including Taxes, more over it doesnt has rear camera, halotab has both front nd rear cameras (2.0& 1.3 Mpxl), 1GB RAM version of Ethos costs around 12000 but halotab comes for only 8999 (Free shipping) and it has 1GB RAM.

    i berry auxus lauched a tab with same specifications as swipe but it became best flop for this tablet decade, seems that no body has owned swipe halotab yet, i request Mr. Gogi to upload handsone review for Halotab.

    Thanking you


  9. very good deal for the price, whats the catch but . -Link clearly shows it does not support 3G.

    I think only GPRS, If at least EDGE is there then TAB is ok.

    1. Yes Ashok, that's what I was thinking but then it does not make sense mentioning 3G support via SIM (2g/3g phone calls).

      1. I think there might be some mistakes on ncarry as .
        shows that sim can be used for browsing and ncarry's overview states that we can make voice calls on both 2G and 3G though in specifications it mentioned 3G not supported!

  10. There are so many tabs coming of different brands especially with inbuilt 3g and we wasted our money, time in waiting for the fraud beelabz tabs. That was supposed to be my fist tab but lost money, time everything.

    1. Yes Aashish, that was a pretty bad experience, yes many more tabs will come with built in 3G but what concerns me more is the battery life as if you check the specs are the same as the non 3G version but with a little higher battery mAh. But anyway since I already have the 800×480 tab I will be looking for a higher resolution one.

      1. Any review on ice x elctrnoics tablet “extreme”. Is there worth waiting for buying a tablet after few months, any tablet will be launched with inbuilt 3g or calling facility under 10k.