Swipe launched the Elite Max in India that houses the qualcomm snapdragon 430 chipset priced at Rs. 10,999. So which one is a better buy the Swipe Elite Max or the Redmi 3S / 3S Prime – both handsets using the same 64 bit SD 430 chipset.

Swipe Elite Max is nicely priced however it is still costlier than the Redmi 3S and the Redmi 3S prime, in fact the Redmi Note 3 with a more powerful processor is cheaper, price starts from Rs. 9,999. Now if you are looking for a bigger screen the Redmi 3S / 3S Prime is not the one you should be looking at – 3S is with 5 inch screen supporting 720p resolution.

Redmi Note 3 / Swipe Elite Max – these handsets comes with 5.5 inch screen with 1080p resolution. Design wise the Swipe Elite Max is looking much better cause of glass layer on the back. Also 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM comes loaded on the Elite Max, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM is on Redmi 3S prime and 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM is on Redmi Note 3 (Rs. 9,999). Elite Max does have an advantage here – again depends on user usage requirements.

Swipe Elite Max vs Redmi 3S Prime / 3S and Redmi Note 3

Coming to the camera Redmi Note 3 is 16MP / 5MP, Redmi 3S / 3S Prime is 13MP / 5MP and Swipe Elite Max is 13MP / 8MP. Additional camera details are not mentioned on Flipkart, I really doubt if the Elite Max camera will be at par when compared with Redmi Note 3.

All these handsets support 4G with VoLTE and comes with finger print sensor (except for Redmi 3S). You can check the review of Redmi Note 3 and the Redmi 3S Prime review.

Elite Max houses a 3000 mAh battery, 3S / 3S Prime / Redmi Note 3 comes with a 4000 mAh battery. No doubt Elite Max will offer lower battery life when compared with  Xiaomi devices.

Which one to buy? Elite Max, Redmi 3S or Redmi Note 3

It still makes sense to go with Redmi Note 3 price starts from Rs. 9,999. The next best option is the Redmi 3S Prime for Rs. 8,999 or go with Redmi 3S without FP sensor for Rs. 6,999 these are cheaper and better options when compared with Swipe Elite Max for Rs. 10,999.

By Sunil V