SONY has announced the Xperia E4 an affordable quad core powered smartphone. It is a dual SIM handset that will be available within few days. This handset sports a 5 inch screen with qHD resolution and is running Android KitKat out of the box.

SONY Xperia E4 houses the MediaTek cortex A7 MT6582 quad core chipset with Mali 400 MP GPU. Android 4.4.4 runs out of the box with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. There are dual SIM slots along with micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB cards.

The Xperia E4 comes with a 5 inch LCD IPS screen with 960 x 540 pixels resolution. The handset also comes packed with a 2MP fixed focus camera placed on the front and a 5MP camera (probably auto focus) on the rear with LED flash support.

sony xperia E4 coming soon

Key highlights are 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), GPS and Bluetooth. The E4 will be available in two different colour options. This smartphone houses a 2300 mAh battery that as per the company gives 2 days of usage time.

Sony Xperia E4 price has not yet been disclosed, stay tuned.

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  1. For specifications, price should be=5.5k (coz android one is having same specs in 5k)…
    and for the name like ‘SONY’ add 1000 extra….
    so 7000 is acceptable and compitative for the phone…
    otherwise we have lots of other option….

    1. specs are better than android one

      bigger and slightly better screen, more phone memory, better camera

  2. Sony are known for their music quality. This can be regarded as a good alternative to the iPod for music lovers with a sim slot, micro sd and the convenience of Android thrown into the bargain.

    Also any device in the Xperia series will likely see updates in the future and you will get some options in custom ROMs and such from XDA Those looking for a long-term all-round option from a standard company will find some joy here. If gaming is the only criterion and you’re looking for a short-term option then of course it will be better to go with a Xiaomi or Micromax

  3. I really like the design but I guess they should replace qhd screen with HD screen. I don’t understand what kind of market strategy Sony have, don’t they have proper consumer’s demand info 🙁

  4. Gogiji, will you please do a review of this handset? I am sure a lot of people would be interested in buying this, but without your review, we will not know what it is actually like.

  5. Sony has no plans to launch below 10k phones so dis phone wil surely be priced betn 12 to 14k which wil nt b competitive at all.

  6. When price of this handset is not yet announced then what is the point in calling it as affordable ?

        1. Globally Affordable means below ₹10000.. By assuming Sony’s history of pricing, it would be priced at ₹9999 ; though not worth it..

    1. Don’t expect below 7K from SONY!

      Also SONY mobile will be far better than MOTO and Huawei in quality. I feel the price will be between 8 and 9K for this handset.

      1. Blind follower of brand spotted. Dude moto and huawei handsets have very good quality and so do other brands have, not just sony. Wake up. Sony is loosing their business that’s why they are introducing this affordable phone.

        1. At least we have not heard Sony sending off data to China, or installing apps without permission of the user.

          1. Thats not a big problem for me. Because I never use default os or touchwiz or sense or xperia or bla bla. I have more believe cm,pa,slim rom, and their cousin’s.

          2. Lol. We were talking about other brands like moto and huawei and not xiaomi who is accused of data leak. Now the price is confirmed hence it proves this phone is pure shit.

        2. Hey Amole………… If U Don’t Know About Big Brands Then Don’t Talk Like Littlel Baby………………9k Price Good……….. But If Ur Expecting 5k or 4k Then Buy Chinese Phone……….. Big Brands Have To Maintain Services…………. They Have Empolyees, Workers, Technicians.

          1. My samsung note 1 pcb changed twice. Lg optimus prime had to be repaired for same earpiece problem. Sony experia u was having problem with display after one month use. My brothers htc one was there in service center due to unavailability of some spares as told to him. And all these are big brands and still not so good quality.

          2. all these are old models and they still provide you with service!!

            I used to use a Chinese tab bought a year back.. now its used as paper weight!!!

            I bought a cheap Lenovo tab on offer from Amazon. On it GPS is not catching signal and voice is very low and after 2 months now lagging like hell!!

            Many of my friends had bad experience with these Chinese brands. One guys motoG was in service center for 2 months.

            Now doesn’t mean that they are bad. They export 1st quality things to Europe and US and what ever that does not pass 100% quality tests send to India!! Especially Huawei/ZTE has some good models which they sell only in EU and US.(I’ve used those while I was in Europe)

            They know that in India people only care about price.

          3. Bhai mere look at the list of phones I used. None is chinese crap but some really good phones from biggest brands.

        3. Me not a blind follower of any brand. But yes in terms of quality SONY is far ahead of the cheaper brands

          That’s why even other brands are getting SONY’s imaging sensors and other components for using

          Now whether its value for money or not. Its upto individual perceptions! For me even if a SONY/SAMSUNG/NOKIA/HTC is 2K more than a competing Chinese brand with similar configurations its more than worth it

        1. You are right bro sony is sony in all expectations i.e camera,sound,design and also don’t forget battery stamina mode my favorite.

      2. hey sony is just junk, unlike sony ericsson, well moto just another crap, so dont comp crape to crap, yet xiaomi, one plus, google android one flagship are better for its price, huawei honor holly and honor is super phones, and lenevo 6000 series is power packed, so if sony wants to stay in avg they shud less price between 5k to 6k, come one boss, apple itself lost its market after 4/4s, may be 5, so if a brand want to survive between these market whales they need to price it super competitive, ahead of these chinese our own Indian brands, else eat dust

        1. @sonysir BC have u used moto ? apple ? you are saying moto is crap ? & comparing it with xiaomi & hehehe android one !!! People will laugh you !! apple is apple & moto is moto ! moto quality is better than Sam,lg,Sony, & even moto 12k handset build quality is better than 22k handsets of Sam !

          1. Do not ever use foul language in social platforms like these, have some degree of respect & decency towards others as well !

          2. Guys Sony is well knows brand they provide very good after sales support, I have an experience with Sony, I got some issues on my phone (memory card not being detected on my xperia c 2 months old) I went to service center they just tested it and said me we will try to fix it or provide u a new piece after 2 days I got a call from sony , they said we will provides new piece and after just 5 days just 5 days they called me and told me to collect the new piece, I finally got the brand new phone so guys I am just asking a simple question, will you get this type of service in xiaomi, moto, huawei? NO u can’t.