Sony NEX-5K and NEX-3K claims to be the world’s smallest digital camera that comes with interchangeable lens. If you are looking for a professional camera that is compact this is the right choice. These cameras feature a 14.2 Mega Pixel Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor.

With this camera you can rest assure that every picture or video taken will be of uncompromising quality. The NEX-5K and NEX-3K is light weight and gives you the ability to change lenses when needed for more freedom to bring out that creativity in you.

The main highlight is background defocus function where the foreground is clear and the background blurred, good option for taking beautiful portrait pictures. The Sony NEX can shoot at up to 7 frames per second good enough when capturing high action activities. You can record in full HD (High Definition) mode at 1920 x 1880i (only with NEX-5K). 3D sweep panorama mode is available and the LCD screen can be titled.

Sony NEX-5K digital camera
Sony NEX-5K digital camera

NEX-5K that supports full HD at 1080p is available for Rs. 34,990.

SONY NEX-3K Digital Camera
SONY NEX-3K Digital Camera

NEX-3K that supports HD movie at 720p is available for Rs. 29,990.

Price inclusive of all taxes and the product comes with 3 years warranty, 0% finance option available and free 4GB card.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -