The Sony CyberShot lens style camera has been launched in India for under Rs. 25,000. The Sony CyberShot QX10 is the cheapest version for Rs. 12,990 and the Sony CyberShot QX100 comes for Rs. 24,990.

These are lens attachments for smartphones. It’s like converting your smartphone into a professional digital camera, the lens top is attached with the smartphone and the smartphone screen is used as the view finder.

This device makes use of NFC or Wi-Fi for communicating with the handset via special software. The Sony CyberShot QX10 comes with EXMOR RCMOS Sensors with 18.2 megapixel resolution with 10x optical zoom and image stabilization. The QX10 is priced at Rs. 12,990.

Sony CyberShot QX10

Sony CyberShot QX100 is with 20.2 megapixel resolution with EXMOR RTM CMOS image sensor and 3.6x optical zoom. It supports Wi-Fi and NFC and bundled with smartphone attachment. This device also comes with SLR style control ring.

Sony CyberShot QX100

The QX100 is compact, light weight, helps capture stunning photos and even lets you shoot videos. It is priced at Rs. 24,990.

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  1. Hello gogi
    I am planning to buy a good camera for around 15-20k with 18 mp and 10x zoom plz suggest some

  2. Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos with 4β€³ Screen & 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor for Rs. 8,490 good news for samsung fans

      1. Gogi sir, i have bought a Nexus 7 2013 and have been using it for a couple of weeks now.I am not able to attach it to my TV. I have bought a Samsung Microusb to HDMI cable and then attached the same to a normal HDMI cable with my TV. Do i also need to buy nexus media importer app from google play or is there any other way around it to view h content?

  3. Why would i buy this , when i can get a standalone digicam much slimmer and compact in the same price range! This is just a tech gimmic, its practicality?…we will know soon enough!

    1. Well suppose you got something like a Note 3 and you are a professional photographer/editor this combo can pretty much do a lot for you without even going to the desktop.You can take large Macros and use the processing power of the N3 to crop set the exposure right tweak the background a bit and voila you are done.
      This however is just speculation on my part so I truly do not know if this can work out or not as I have not seen the quality of the raw images captured by this lens.

  4. Doing all this messy… one might buy nokia 1050 with 41 mega pixel camera.. Or z Ultra…. What say gogi???

  5. Almost a result of frustration due to comstantly not being able to produce good quality camera flagship. These should be bundled as freebies with the likes of xperia z, xperia sp, xperia zr and you name it. They should also consider providing super amoled display panels which could be activated with nfc, wifi and so on thanks to their amazing flagship whitewashed displays with poor contrast.

  6. waiting for the review of both Sony CyberShot QX10 and CyberShot QX100. Let’s see are they worthy to buy or it will replace the digicam in that price range.