Sony had recently announced the Sony 15000 mAh capacity and Sony 20000 mAh capacity power banks (PB) in India. These PB’s are exclusively available on Flipkart – Sony CP-S20 (20,000 mAh) is priced at Rs. 7,500 and Sony CP-S15 (15,000 mAh) is priced at Rs. 5,100.

Sony CP-S15 Power bank features and specifications

This power bank is using hybrid Gel technology and houses a 15,000 mAh battery. There are 2x USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices. The micro USB port can be used to charge this PB – fast charging is supported.

With AC adapter it takes 13 hours to charge and with USB port around 40 hours. Weight is 390 grams and PB comes with 1 year warranty.

Sony 15000 mAh Power Bank price in India

Sony CP-S20 Power Bank features and specifications

This power bank comes with 20,000 mAh battery, also using hybrid gel technology and does come with LED indication. There are 4X USB ports to charge 4 devices simultaneously. This PB weighs around 510 grams.

Sony 20000 mAh Power Bank price in India

Both Sony 15000 mAh power bank and Sony 20000 mAh power bank comes with safety features like temperature monitoring, Short Circuit protection, Over charge current protection, no leakage and no swelling – BIS certified.

Hybrid Gel Technology ensures that charge remains up to 80% even after 1 year, it’s build to last and charge life-cycle is 1000x. More over this technology is very safe for traveling.

Sony 15000 mAh power bank is priced at Rs. 5,100 and Sony 20000 mAh power bank comes for Rs. 7,500.

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  1. People are making a fuss about the price but any new technology will cost more at first and then the price will drop. Even from the end user’s point of view, this has fast charging(which relatively few powerbanks do) and it doesn’t need to be maintained by charging up and down even when you don’t need it. If you travel about once in three months and don’t really need a powerbank except when you travel, this will serve your purpose. Plus, it is a lot safer than Lithium Ion batteries which are prone to explode even from the best companies. By next year, we may be getting these specs by default in all powerbanks.

    1. Does it justify the high price at all? All those technologies you are talking about will be available in a phone someday and still it might cost way too less than this overpriced junk.
      Cmon, 5000rs and 7500rs price tag is way too much for a powerbank.

      1. Yes the price is high but that is because it is new technology. You may get this powerbank at a quarter of the price next year but only because Sony launched it for the premium market this year, it got reviewed and the advantages of the new technology became understood and preliminary design flaws were corrected.If not for that, one year later we will still be stuck with “explosive” lithium ion technology. We can criticize OEMS for charging too much extra for brand value alone but launching nrw technology is something only they can do, never a Xiaomi or iBall

    2. Your justification for such insanely high price only shows your love towards this Sony brand. The person who says that xiaomi does not launch new technology stuff is really a blind follower of the so called brands like sony. Have you ever used a xiaomi product in your entire life? If you would have, you would have never commented like that.
      Explosive battery? Give me a break. Not a single instance of xiaomi power bank exploding.
      Sony is dying, and its all because of their stupidest pricing strategy, nothing else.

      1. Not at all. I myself am more likely to buy a Xioaomi than a Sony or Samsung device because of the lower cost. I don’t like the Mi OS but their hardware quality control is excellent and you can switch to Cyanogen.

        But the first time you see cutting edge technology it will be on a device launched by a standard OEM. Then people will talk about it, we understand why the new technology is better, a demand is created, early design flaws are corrected, and only later, people like Xioaomi will launch it for less money for a wider market. If a less known company launches new technology first, this sequence will not happen. Nobody will notice the new technology. That was my point, not a criticism of Xioaomi who have their own role of bringing established technology to a wider market at cheaper rates.

        If Sony is dying because of their pricing, where should Apple have gone? The real reason why Sony is struggling is not Xioaomi(no one who buys phones in the 50-60 k range will content themselves with a Mi5 instead of a Sony or Samsung flagship) but because the high-end market is dominated by Apple. Rich people want their phone to be just a toy, not good for useful work. They pay other people to do their useful work. So Android OEMs find it tough to compete.

        Of course lithium ion batteries explode sometimes(don’t you see the news, read bad reviews of many phones?) The chance is small but newer technology may reduce it even more. Why fight progress?

  2. As the charge remains same even after 1 year, then only spaceman who travel to Mars will have to purchase this. LOL. Hey NASA did you read this product info……..?

  3. True Sony see price and charging time, I wonder who will keep a power bank charged after one year, Sony don’t go the path chosen by Nokia dear ?

  4. (20,000 mAh) priced at Rs. 7,500 !!!!!. We can buy a decent spec’ed phone (Coolpad note 3 lite at Rs. 6999) for that price. Insane pricing Sony RIP.

  5. Yaar sony tumhare fone to koi leta nehi bcoz of ur absurd pricing…. Ab ye power bank kon lega…

  6. better to buy a new mobile phone with 4000mAh battery from xiaomi and lenovo for around same price of Sony 20000mah powerbanks. Redmi 3 launch is not too far.

  7. Crazy coots, the Sony India think tank guys..they will commit harakiri when only less than 100 of these will be sold?

  8. 20000PB for 5k!!!!!
    Sony is like “sir kta skte h lekin sir jhuka skte nhi”……

  9. Sony is already dead in mobile phone market with this kind of pricing strategy. now it’s turn of this powerbanks.

  10. These are too much over prices, Xiaomi 20K mAh power bank will be available on sale from 20 July , which is far batter and in budget also

  11. For Mercedes Benz type people. Might be, it will be automatically charged using air electronic ions.