Most of the smartphones hardly give a full day of battery backup and the best way to start the day is to keep the battery level at 100%. There are many users who are now using power banks and there many who still keep their smartphone on charge for the whole night. But it is a good option to keep your phone on charge overnight?

Definitely not! , the latest smartphones that are available today comes with over charge protection, that does help to some extent but not really helpful, when you have kept your phone on charge for a longer time. On an average it takes around less than 3 hours to charge the battery on most smartphones.

So in case you put your handset on charging for the whole night, it will get charged in less than 3 hours – assume  you sleep for 8 hours. You see you are unnecessarily charging the handset for almost double the time it takes for a full charge.

ZUK Z1 overnight charging

What happens when the smartphone battery is fully charged and it is still connected to the charger?
In this case the charging stops and smartphone will consume power from the battery, but as soon as the charge drops to say 99% / 98% the charging process will begin again and when it reaches 100% it will stop. The process goes on and on in a loop, this will not damage the battery but in the long run will age the battery faster, you might experience faster drain and phone switching off suddenly, sudden big battery % drop and ultimately a dead battery.

So what is the best method for charging the handset overnight or for a longer time unattended?
Well the first option is to avoid charging at night or for a long period when you know that the handset will get charged much faster and you will not be able to monitor it.

The 2nd option is to use smartphones that use a new technique that solves this issue and also does not age the battery. I am not sure about other smartphones but the Lenovo ZUK Z1 does come with a new protection. This requires an extra chips (on the hardware) but quite effective.

So how does this new method on ZUK Z1 work?
Put the ZUK Z1 on charge for the whole night, it does get charged quickly, when battery reaches 100%, the charging will stop and in fact even the battery will stop working – the smartphone will then directly get power from the charger bypassing the battery. Cool, isn’t it.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -