Sennheiser today launched 3 headphones in the HD 400 series. The HD 451 for Rs. 5,000, HD 461 (i/G) for Rs. 5990 and HD 471 (i/G) for Rs. 7,990. These headphones will be available from retails stores across India and one can also buy it online from Sennheiser India website.

Sennheiser HD 451 headphone comes with 1.2 meter single sided cable. It’s comfortable to wear for a longer time. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20000 Hz – 108dB and Impedance 32Ω. This is an over the ear headphone that also helps eliminate ambient noise.

HD 461 and HD 471 comes with detachable cables. They also come with inline remotes and mics that makes it easier to control media player and to receive / cancel calls on smart devices. Frequency response (461) is 17Hz to 22500 Hz, 112dB and Impedance 32Ω. Over the ear design makes it easier to block ambient noise, these headphones are more comfortable.

Sennhiiser HD 451, HD 461 and HD 471

HD 471 frequency response – 16Hz to 24000Hz, 114dB and Impedance 32Ω.

The HD 461 and HD 471 comes with 3m cable, gold plated plug and there are dedicated version made for Android devices and for Apple iOS devices. The 461(i) / 471(i) is for iOS devices and the 461(G) / 471(G) is for Android devices.

For Bass go with the HD 451 and the HD 461 models and for balanced sound the HD 471 is perfect. Visit Sennheiser India for more details and to buy online.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -