Samsung’s new handset the Samsung Z has been launched. This smartphone will run on the Tizen OS and users will be able to install new apps via the Tizen Store. The Z will initially be available in the Russian markets within the next few months and thereafter it will be rolled out worldwide.

The single SIM Samsung Z will sail on Tizen 2.2.1 OS over a 4.8 inch super AMOLED HD screen with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. The screen supports 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. This handset will be powered by 2.3GHz quad core processor. 4G (LTE) and 3G will be supported along with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS (GLONASS), IR and Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n).

The Z will also come with 8MP rear AF camera with LED flash and 2.1MP front camera. The handset weight with battery is 136 grams and is 8.5mm thick. The Z comes loaded with a 2600 mAh battery that should last for over a day with moderate usage. It also comes with Ultra power saving mode that will help get maximum battery juice when the percent is critically low.

Other features are finger print scanner, S Heath, ultra power saving mode, Heart rate and external card support of up to 64GB. As for the sensors there are accelerometer, light, barometer, gyro, Hall and magnetic sensors.

Samsung Z with Tizen OS launched

The Tizen OS comes with improved memory management, tweaked for optimal performance and is fast and even boots up faster. Samsung Z price has not yet been revealed. There was also news about Samsung working on a standalone smart watch.It would be difficult to predict the response that the Tizen OS might get, but it is not that easy competing with Android. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Will it works on bada phone.? On Samsung Wave series.. Sammy should allow the update of bada os by merging the Tizen OS on wave series.. The wave 8500 was a superb built phone.. But Samsung murdered the bada os. I still hold an old wave smart phone having no smart use now. Shame on Samsung! !

  2. Samsung abandoned Millions of BADA users like me mid way and we are left with phones costing 10000+ with no updates and also with other platforms..same will happen to Tizen..better to stick with Pure Android. Tizen is just a mirage just to create an platform like IOS & monopoly like Apple and thus over charge for Samsung hardware.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.
    kindly enlighten if there a major change in kitkat 4.4 vis a vis JB4.2.2 .Certain good phones like xolo q800 etc run on old version but there hardware is better than newer sets with Kitkat4.4.
    For a normal office going executive with hardly any time for games etc, what would be your advise ,to go for sets like mmx unite or xolo q800 and the likes.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Kindly advise whether hardware/chipset etc is more important in better performance of the smartphone or the latest version of Android.

    1. Both are equally required. If hardware is bad the software will not do much good and if software is not tweaked properly then hardware will not be performing at its optimal level.

  5. Its a innovative move for the software from samsung. But we want Innovative harware change aswell.. i.e. SAMSUNG BORING DESIGN. Looks like OLD GALAXY Ace, Fit, Pop, S2 etc.

  6. I still have my Samsung Wave phone. Wonderful phone , and quite intuitive interface and settings, but the bada os by samsung was discontinued and no App support. Still may be the only application i miss is maybe whatsapp.

    Hope Samsung handles Tizen much better then bada.

  7. Tizen is an OS developed by Samsung and Intel to compete with android.

    Just like BB10 OS it can also run android apk.

  8. it is mentioned in the bottom of the article that it will compete with the android so definitely it is different from the ando

  9. tizen works on linux so those apps worked on android will work with minimal modifications….however pricing must be attractive and they must assure its users abt future updates….v all know wt dey did to bada os

  10. Gogi sir please reply if you get enough time to do it
    1)I know all sensors listed in this except hall what it do ?
    2) Gogi Sir, I am canvas 2 colors user when it get update ?

    1. Pirtpal, hall sensor is not new you might have seen that working with magnetic flip cover, open the flip and screen turns on..

    1. It is built ground up from the same unix kernel but is a completely different os having apk compatibility

  11. Gogi, is tizen a customized version of Android? If it is & memory management is good then it can be a hit…what say?

    1. Yes you can after passing through a converter that adds the necessary xml and dlls to the apk.