Samsung takes a dig at Apple iPhone X via their new ad, check it out

Now when the Apple iPhone X is available, a new ad by Samsung takes a dig at iPhone X. The Samsung ad titled Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy, mocks the X for the missing audio jack, plus other features.

The ad begins from the year 2007 where a person (main character) is looking at the queue – people waiting for the iPhone. He then brings in the iPhone, then the time goes by and in 2013 again he gets the then launched iPhone.

There is when Samsung comes into picture with the Galaxy Note, the main character says it’s a big phone. in 2015 the ads shows what happens when a Apple phone and a Samsung phone falls into the water.

Then in 2017 the missing audio jack in iPhone and wireless charging on the Galaxy. In the end the main character gets the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and seems more happy, and then he is shown walking and looking at the queue of people waiting for the iPhone, the same he witness in 2007, this time watch carefully – the man with X style hair cut, with iPhone X poster behind.

Samsung takes a dig at Apple iPhone X

Check the ad below and let me know your thoughts via a comment.


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